Where is Zander Lyda’s sister now?

August 2, 2023
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Where is Zander Lydas sister now

Where is Zander Lyda’s sister now? We talk about a tragic murder in 2023, which will contain details that some will find disturbing.

Zander Lyda was a happy and normal 9-year-old kid who lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But on January 5, 2023, his 12-year-old sister, who remains unnamed, stabbed him, which resulted in his death.

It’s a tragic event that stunned both parents of the children and the wider community. It garnered a lot of attention from the local media, which then got picked up by national and international titles. Zander’s family are shocked and devastated by what’s happened, with Zander’s death leaving a void in their life that will never be filled.

What did Zander Lyda’s sister do?

Zander Lyder’s 12-year-old sister shocked the community in Tulsa in early January 2023 when she stabbed her 9-year-old brother three times in the chest, resulting in him dying of his injuries in the hospital.

It’s unclear what caused her to do this. Her mother, April Lyder, has said that she was a cheerful and otherwise normal 12-year-old before the incident. In a statement after the murder, April said that her daughter wasn’t mentally ill and hadn’t been diagnosed with anything, so she was stunned by what had happened.

What did Zander Lyda’s sister do when she was arrested by the police?

While Zander’s death happened back in January 2023, the case received a huge amount of attention when the police released the bodycam footage from the night of the murder.

In the footage, Zander’s sister can be seen running out of the house. She shows a lot of remorse for the tragedy that’s just transpired and offers to help police locate the murder weapon that she threw away from the murder scene.

Zander’s sister blamed the event on “some demonic s**t”

Where is Zander Lyda’s sister now?

Zander’s sister was taken to a juvenile facility by police, where she will remain for treatment. There are two such facilities in Tulsa, but Zander’s sister was taken to the Tulsa County Juvenile Center.

If she was 13, then under state law, she could have faced five years in juvenile prison and then transferred to an adult prison where she would have spent the rest of her life. However, because the girl was only 12 at the time of the stabbings, she will likely only spend a few years at the juvenile center.

It’s unclear how long she will be there to receive treatment, but Carter Jennings, an Oklahoma Criminal Defense Attorney, said to DailyMail.com that the girl wouldn’t be there for too long.

“It’s unlikely it would go beyond 18 because of the young age of the child. This is very unique, but when someone is placed in a facility like that it can be for six months, a year, 18 months.

“When you get past longer than that, you are looking at something unique — which this is — but the child is just too young to have kind of serious consequence at that age,” he said.

As the case is still ongoing, any decisions about how long Zander’s sister will stay in the juvenile center are unlikely to have been made.

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