Red, White & Royal Blue Ending Explained – does Alex’s relationship cost his mother her re-election?

August 11, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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2023 Prime Video movie Red, White and Royal Blue Ending Explained

We discuss the ending of the 2023 Prime Video movie Red, White & Royal Blue, which will contain significant spoilers.

Red, White, and Royal Blue is based on the New York Times best-selling debut by Casey McQuiston. The book represents and underrepresents LGBTQ+ characters in young-adult novels. The story follows a love story between two young men in their early twenties, which affects U.S.-British relations.

One of those young men is a college student named Alex, a party boy who is the son of the first female U.S. President, Ellen Claremont. The other is Henry, a young British Prince who comfortably settles into his perceived royal shell. These two have been bickering for years. Henry says Alex wears lifts in his shoes, and Alex thinks Henry is pompous.

Red, White & Royal Blue Ending Explained

Their tension boils over when, at Prince Phillip’s royal nuptials, they shove each other and knock over the largest cake you have ever seen. To calm political relations, President Claremont and her staffer Zahra make Alex invite Henry to his birthday party. Soon, their sexual tension becomes an attraction that grows deeper than anticipated.

Where does Henry kiss Alex?

After leaving the party alone, Henry kisses Alex when they are alone on the White House lawn. After smoothing over hurt feelings, Alex attempts to get Henry to loosen up at his birthday party. However, Henry is not the let-loose type and appears to be having a bad time.

When Alex finds him standing under a tree, upset, he asks if he did anything wrong. Henry then rushes over to kiss him, and Alex kisses him back. It appears Henry was feeling down because he wanted to act on his feelings for Alex but could not because of the public setting.

Like Alex, no one knows about Henry’s sexual orientation in his family.

How does President Claremont find out about Alex and Henry’s secret romance?

Alex informs his mother about his relationship with Prince Henry. While campaigning on issues close to Alex’s heart in Texas, Henry visits Alex. Both young men spend the night together. However, it’s Zahra who travels to Texas to visit Alex. When she knocks on the door, she notices Alex spent the night with someone.

Zahra demands to know the “girl” who spent the night, fearing she might be a member of the press or even a Republican spy. She searches the room before discovering Henry hiding in the hotel closet.

Initially, Zahra is flabbergasted and concerned about the campaign’s implications of having a same-sex relationship in a conservative state.

She persuades Alex to disclose the truth to his accepting mother. His father, Oscar, also proves to be understanding. The First Husband then gets to know Henry. Alex confides his worries to his dad.

However, Oscar reassures his son, saying, “Give your old man some credit.” This theme of unwavering acceptance by Alex’s friends and family permeates the film.

How is Alex and Henry’s relationship “outed”?

Someone hacked Henry’s email and began posting his email exchanges with Alex. The news comes from Henry’s sister, Princess Beatrice. When he asks his sister how many emails she has, she says all of them. Beatrice also adds pictures from Henry and Alex’s secret romantic trips. The scandal is now labeled “The Waterloo Letters.”

We do not know for certain who hacked into the private accounts. However, it may be the political reporter and Alex’s ex-lover, Miguel. While being interviewed, a news anchor makes the connection that he was the leaker.

The letters were posted on Reddit right before midnight.

However, Miquel started reporting on the matter only a few hours later. This means he read 72 emails and wrote and published the article quickly.

Who is waiting outside the castle for Henry and Alex?

Hundreds of British citizens wait outside Henry’s residence in support of his relationship with Alex. After Alex is permitted to visit Henry following the scandal, Henry’s grandfather approaches both. He advises Henry to uphold the traditional royal image and to be responsible for his family and country.

Henry hears the crowd outside, and his grandfather tries to prevent them from opening the giant glass window doors. Henry tells his family that he will no longer be faithful to the crown but to himself.

Alex and Henry hold hands and receive loud cheers as they walk onto the balcony, overseeing their new supporters.

Does Alex’s relationship cost his mother her reelection?

President Claremont wins her reelection because she focuses on her home state of Texas. Before the announcement, the consensus was that Claremont took a risk by emphasizing the acceptance of her home state of Texas instead of focusing on the Rust Belt states. While Henry tries to comfort Alex because he’s worried his mother may lose the election, they hear a roar from the room next door.

It has been announced that President Claremont has won. After her victory speech, Alex asks Henry if he still has the key. The connection between the house and Alex is that it represents his true self, and the key symbolizes that.

They then ride bikes to visit the home he grew up in.

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