Where is Kaylee Muthart Today in 2023? Explained

August 14, 2023
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Where is Kaylee Muthart Today in 2023

Where is Kaylee Muthart Today in 2023? We discuss the drug-fuelled case. This article contains details some readers may find disturbing.

Doing drugs can lead to terrible consequences, and often not just legal ones. There have been many horror stories of people getting seriously hurt and injured because they decided to take drugs. People can carry these injuries for years or even the rest of their lives.

An extreme example of someone’s drug-influenced behaviors causing immense harm is the case of Kaylee Muthart. While under the influence of methamphetamine, the girl gouged her own eyes out and blinded herself.

Who is Kaylee Muthart, and what did she do?

In February 2018, Kaylee Muthart, then 20, from South Carolina, USA, shocked her family and the local area when under the influence of methamphetamine, she gouged both of her eyes out of their sockets and crushed them in her own hands, leading to her becoming blind. She had done methamphetamine several times before and other drugs like weed.

But during this particular incident, she was awake for almost 48 hours, both snorting and injecting methamphetamine into her body. Kaylee hallucinated while she was under the influence of drugs, believing that she had to take her eyes out and save the world.

Kaylee was immediately rushed to the hospital after the incident, where she got surgery to help prepare her eye sockets for prosthetic replacements later down the line.

She also spent weeks in a psychiatric facility and completed a month-long inpatient drug treatment program to help herself get off drugs. Speaking to PEOPLE, Kaylee said that achieving sobriety wasn’t difficult because “the drugs took something from me, and when you get burned by the fire you learn not to go back.”

After this, she had to relearn how to get around the world blind.

Where is Kaylee Muthart today in 2023?

Not much is known about Kaylee in 2023, as she has chosen to keep her life private. When it was reported that Kaylee was getting a new set of eyes in 2020, she had a boyfriend called Alex George, who was at the time 42 years old and worked as a finance executive. She was also attending a school for the blind and just about to finish her final year, so by this time, she will have finished.

Kaylee also learned how to read Braille while she was blind. She hasn’t done any drugs since the incident in 2018, staying away from the dangerous substances that caused her blindness.

Does Kaylee Muthart have new eyes?

Two years after Kaylee gouged out her own eyes in 2020, she was able to get new, prosthetic ones thanks to surgery. Footage on PEOPLE showed the moment that Kaylee got prosthetic ones from Doctor Joseph Gorrin, which made the then 22-year-old immensely happy.

It was an emotional moment, as not only did she celebrate with her boyfriend by going out for a meal, but she also face-timed her mum Katy Tompkins, 58, who cried with happiness as she saw her daughter looking back at her.

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