‘Miguel Wants to Fight’ Age Rating and Parent Guide Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: August 16, 2023 (Last updated: April 6, 2024)
'Miguel Wants to Fight' Age Rating and Parent Guide Explained
Miguel Wants to Fight Promotional Image (Credit - Hulu)

Miguel Wants to Fight is essentially a teen movie, so you would expect it to be a high school coming-of-age Disney comedy that the whole family might sit down and watch. However, the film’s age rating is TV-MA, and that is geared towards an audience of seventeen and over.

Is Miguel Wants to Fight appropriate for kids?

The film is a slapstick comedy with plenty of set pieces that lapse into animation and fantasy scenes, making for some really fun content as we see Miguel trying to get into a fight. The violence is played for laughs, the stakes are low, and there’s nothing really to worry about here as far as the violence aspect of the film goes. Kids will enjoy the silliness of the fight scenes, but there’s a caveat to this, and that’s the language used in the movie.

The age rating for Miguel Wants to Fight does not come from the violence and fight scenes.

Miguel Wants to Fight Age Rating Explained

The film has a TV-MA age rating, aiming for the higher end of the teen market, seventeen-plus. It has plenty of fight scenes, pretty much all comedic. At one point, a sword is involved, as are girls and boys fighting.

It’s the language that is used throughout the screenplay that has elevated this film to the rating that it has. The rating panel has to take into consideration all aspects of the film before giving it a rating, and it seems that one of the main factors is bad language. This particular teen film has its fair share of curse words that have resulted in it being a TV-MA. So this is going to be a case of what you think of as being offensive and acting accordingly.

If you don’t want younger children to hear profanity, then you might have to pass this one by, but if coarse language is not an issue for you, then this film is probably okay for your younger teenagers to watch.

If you are a parent wondering whether your younger kids should watch this, then check it out yourself first and use your common sense before allowing them to watch it.


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