10 TV Shows like The Stand you must watch

By Kieran Burt
Published: August 16, 2023 (Last updated: February 8, 2024)
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10 TV Shows like The Stand you must watch

We discuss 10 TV Shows like The Stand you must watch. Add these well-recommended and highly-rated shows to your watch list.

The Stand is the 2020 TV straight from the mind of acclaimed author Stephen King. It presents viewers with an apocalyptic vision of the world, one destroyed by plague and locked in a struggle between good and evil.

Humanity’s fate is left up to the frail and delicate shoulders of the 108-year-old Mother Abagail (Whoopi Goldberg) and a small band of survivors.

There are plenty of shows and movies that deal with the post-apocalypse, with many showing just how fragile human society is. But many offer a sense of hope that even if the unimaginable happens, humanity has the resistance and knowledge to survive in any situation.

If you liked The Stand, here are ten TV shows like it you must watch.

10 TV Shows like The Stand

The Walking Dead (2010)

Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) is having a bad day. First, he gets shot, which then puts him into a coma, and once he finally awakens, he finds the world has been taken over by zombies that feed on the living. He meets up with a group outside Atlanta, Georgia, and becomes their leader. The group has to keep moving to survive.

The 100 (2014)

After the Earth was destroyed by nuclear annihilation, the survivors created a giant space station called the Ark to get away from the harmful radiation. After 97 years of living in space, 100 juvenile prisoners are sent to Earth to check if it’s habitable.

But once they arrive, the situation quickly devolves into every man or woman for themselves.

12 Monkeys (2015)

In 2043, after the world has been ravaged by a deadly virus, scavenger James Cole (Aaron Stanford) is recruited by a team of scientists to work on Project Splinter, led by physicist Katarina Jones (Barbara Sukowa).

James’ mission is to travel back in time and stop the mysterious Army of the 12 Monkeys organization from releasing the deadly disease.

The Rain (2018)

After rain starts to spread a terrible and deadly virus, siblings Simone Andersen (Alba August) and Rasmus Andersen (Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen) are forced to seek safety in an underground bunker, leaving their scientist dad.

After six years of isolation, Simone and Rasmus find other survivors, but to stay alive, they must prove their usefulness to the group.

Colony (2016)

After mysterious and powerful aliens arrive on Earth, they enforce an occupation of the planet, dividing it up into sections. The show follows the Bowman family as they attempt to find their missing son Charlie (Jacob Buster) and survive the occupation.

Revolution (2012)

Revolution is set in the post-apocalyptic future of 2027, a decade and a half after The Blackout caused all electronics to be disabled permanently. It follows the Matheson family, a group that wants to restore society to its former glory and find out the truth behind the devastating act.

Jericho (2006)

Set in the aftermath of a devastating nuclear war, the show follows the residents of the small town of Jericho in Kansas as they try to survive in the world that follows and rebuild relationships with other towns and cities. Audiences are introduced to several characters, like Jake Green (Skeet Ulrich) and mysterious newcomer Robert Hawkins (Lennie James).

Van Helsing (2016)

Vanessa Van Helsing is a descendant of the legendary Abraham Van Helsing, and after she awakens from a coma after her supposed death, she finds herself in a world overrun by vampires. An eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera coated the world in ash three years prior, which blocked out the sunlight and allowed the undead nightmares to take over.

Daybreak (2019)

Josh Wheeler (Colin Ford) is a man on a mission. He’s a 17-year-old high school outcast desperately searching for his girlfriend, Samaira Dean (Sophie Simnett). She’s gone missing in the post-apocalyptic world of Glendale, Califonia.

He’s joined by a group of other misfits and must survive the hordes of gangs that now roam the wastes, the zombie-like Ghoulies, and the Baron Triumph.

The Society (2019)

The Society follows a group of teenagers who are thrust into roles of responsibility and who must run their own community after the rest of the population of their town of West Ham, Connecticut, mysteriously disappeared. The teens can’t contact the outside world for help either, as a dense forest prevents them from leaving, and the Internet no longer works.

To manage their limited resources, they must come up with their own rules to survive.

Do you have any other recommendations for TV Shows like The Stand? Let us know in the comments.

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