10 Days of a Bad Man Review – a strong thriller with two mysteries being investigated simultaneously

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: August 18, 2023 (Last updated: August 23, 2023)
2023 Netflix movie 10 Days of a Bad Man Review


Sadik is a great investigator and his intelligence is fully explored here with the two stories being told.

Here is our review of the 2023 Netflix movie 10 Days of a Bad Man, which does not contain significant spoilers.

Earlier this year, the first film in this two-parter, 10 Days of A Good Man, was released. That Turkish film is about a lawyer turned private investigator who takes on a missing person case, propelling him on an unexpected and life-altering quest.

If you love mystery thrillers and enjoy reading about them, you may sometimes want your life to follow suit. You want to be seen as the cool detective or lawyer, and that is what happens with Sadik (Nejat Isler).

This first installment was made for a good noir film and is also carried in 10 Days of a Bad Man. They are able to constantly surprise the audience with twists in the story, which keeps everyone engaged for the most part.

10 Days of a Bad Man Review and Plot Summary

In 10 Days of a Bad ManSadik (Isler) is a private investigator, and he is on a journey to find a man named Ferhat in order to clear his debt to a gangland boss. It is an intricate story that becomes complex once new characters are added to the story.

For Sadik, this could have played out so simply, and because he loves Philip Marlowe, he is used to things not going the way he initially planned.

While he’s trying to figure out a way to settle his debt by finding this man. A woman comes into a play named Buket and asks him to help her find her uncle’s killer. Her uncle so happens to be the owner of the K&S group. Just when you think Sadik is hot on someone’s tail, something changes in an instant.

He gains more information in one case while losing traction in the other.

There are two stories simultaneously being unraveled, and it can get confusing. That’s why this intricate script can be seen in two ways: one for the basic plot of him clearing his debt and the other of Sadik taking on another case.

The important thing here is that co-writers Mehmet Erogulu and Damla Serim divide both stories quite well. It’s not as jumbled as it sounds, but if you’re not paying attention, you could lose some valuable piece of information to link it all together.

It is Isler’s performance that holds this all together because without him playing the detective so well, the pieces wouldn’t come together. You can tell that the character of Sadik is a seasoned detective with a bit of an edge because of who he idolizes.

He sees things differently, and that is what you want in a detective. And the uniqueness of the character allows Sadik to stand out in the genre.

Is 10 Days of a Bad Man good or bad?

If you are a fan of 10 Days of a Good Man, then you will enjoy this second installment. It is consistent with the tone and the direction by Uluç Bayraktar, and the second film adds another layer of investigating.

The two stories running simultaneously showcase Sadik’s detective skills which should be the most important aspect of both films. Even though it is a crime drama, there are some funny moments as well because you get to see Sadik living his normal life as well.

Is 10 Days of a Bad Man worth watching?

10 Days of a Bad Man is worth watching because of Isler’s performance and both stories that unfold. The twists throughout are subtle but do make an impact. Director Bayraktar doesn’t put those reveals in your face, and it helps when trying to figure out the case as an audience member.

Sadik is laid back because he knows he’s able to figure all this out.

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