Is Lambert School of Art a real school? Heartstopper Explained

By Kieran Burt
Published: August 22, 2023
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Is Lambert School of Art a real school - Heartstopper Explained

Is Lambert School of Art a real school? We explain if the school in the Netflix drama is real or fake. There are some mild spoilers from the show.

Lambert School of Art is a key location in the Netflix series Heartstopper. One of the show’s characters, Elle Argent (Yasmin Finney), looks forward to going to the school as part of her education, viewing it as a utopian place and somewhere where she can openly express her identity as a trans-black woman.

Heartstopper is a show based on the books that Alice Oseman wrote and follows teenagers at school and navigating their different identities. The show is being praised for representing characters with lots of different identities with its episodes, something that allows people from all walks of life to see themselves onscreen.

What is the Lambert School of Art in Heartstopper?

Lambert School of Art is a prestigious art school in the Netflix show Heartstopper, and it plays a crucial part in the show. During Season 2, Elle believes that the school will be a utopia, a place where she can express herself at an institution that accepts her identity as a trans woman. who faces several challenges in her life.

It’s also a place where Elle can pursue art, a subject she loves. But during the second season, Elle gets closer to Tao, and her joining Lambert threatens their relationship, as it might mean that the pair are separated. It’s something that Elle will have to confront more and more in Season 3 of the show as she continues her education.

Is Lambert School of Art a real school?

Lambert School of Art is a fictional school in the show Heartstopper. It has been made up, with there not being one in real life. Alice Oseman initially created it for the books, and it has now been brought over for the Netflix series. It’s here that Elle gets to display her “Here and Queer” collection and where Ben apologizes to Charlie for his wrong actions earlier in the show.

There is a Lambert School in Australia, although it isn’t just dedicated to the arts. It teaches a wide range of other subjects, so it’s unlikely that this school has anything to do with the one in Heartstopper. Alice Oseman is an author from England, so it’s unlikely that she was aware of the Australian school with the same name when she wrote her books.

When filming for the show, Netflix used the location of Farnham, a small market town in Surrey, to represent the school and its surroundings.

Why would audiences believe that Lambert School of Art is real?

The UK is known for its world-class educational facilities, with Oxford and Cambridge universities being two of the most prestigious universities in the world. So it’s not surprising that audiences think that the highly rated school from Heartstopper is real, even if it’s made up.

There might also be some confusion with the Lambert School that’s in Australia, with audiences thinking that there would be a similar institution in the UK.

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