Killer Book Club Ending Explained – who is the real killer?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: August 25, 2023
2023 Netflix horror movie Killer Book Club Ending Explained

We discuss the ending of the 2023 Netflix horror movie Killer Book Club which will contain significant spoilers.

When the group of friends all come together to terrorize the professor, there is a turn of events. What started out as a prank turned into something entirely different, and they were part of a murder.

While terrorizing him, the professor falls over a railing and gets impaled on a statue. Naturally, the club decides to keep it a secret, but in every slasher film, keeping those secrets will get you haunted.

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The day after, a stranger posts a link to Angela’s novel that she had written online. The stranger also details what happened with the professor the night before and threatens them, saying that they were going to punish the people who were behind the murder.

So while they’re running from this killer, they also want to solve the mystery as to who it could possibly be. They do find it odd that this would happen after they just finished the book with the same premise, so they make notes and go off of what happens in the novel to help them.

Killer Book Club Ending Explained

Who is the real killer and clown?

As is always the case in movies like this, the killer turns out to be someone close to home: Sebastian.

Like any slasher, the group of them decide to meet up somewhere they know is safe. After one of their friends (Virginia) goes missing, they meet in the library to figure out what this killer is doing.

They are wearing the same clown costume as they did to terrorize the professor as well. The group of friends begins to question other people in the group early on because of how they feel about each other. The one person they suspect is Nando, so Angela decides to stay away from him as much as possible.

Another friend (Rai) is murdered outside the club where Nando works, but the body is never found.

Again, this raises suspicion that it could be Nando considering that the next hit is near his work. The group of friends figure out ways to coax the killer into revealing himself. They turn to social media and set a poll as to who would be the next friend to go. They know the killer is stalking their every move, so this would be a surefire way to draw attention.

While Angela stays far away from everyone, she ends up telling Sebastian that her first novel was a stolen story from a girl named Alicia. She wrote about her life and became successful because of her. As Angela says this, you see the gears turning in her head, thinking that Alicia could be the killer.

The ending is quite entertaining because they end up going to a fair where there are clowns around. And naturally, they all get separated from each other. Angela sees Sara get murdered, while Koldo has his throat slit while wearing a clown costume.

Angela is taking the most of this and feels absolutely horrible that her friends all died to protect her. So she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Angela sees Nando tied against a chair, with Sebastian insisting that he is the killer, but she doesn’t know who to believe. Sebastian can’t take it anymore, and he ends up stabbing Nando in front of her.

He then (in true slasher fashion) explains his plan. Apparently, he had been working with Alicia after she found out that Angela stole her story. Sebastian constructed this whole elaborate plan to get back at Angela with Alicia so they could write their own story and become successful writers.

Does Angela survive?

She does survive, and it’s with the help of Nando, who shoves Sebastian off the edge of the railing and he gets impaled by the same statue. In the next moment, Angela sets up a trap to burn Alicia alive.

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