Where is Nancy Howard Now? Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: September 1, 2023
Where is Nancy Howard Now

Where is Nancy Howard Now?  We discuss the true crime story. The article contains details some may find disturbing.

A home invasion from an armed trespasser would overturn Nancy Howard’s life. Nancy would come across the intruder in the garage of her home in Texas, and it would spark a catalog of horror that would open a can of worms that would be impossible to close.

The case would be investigated thoroughly by the authorities, but it was an investigation into a robbery, and what was uncovered was so much more. The story would shock locals, and Nancy would be hospitalized and near death after the horrific attack.

This article will explore the case and answer the question: Where is Nancy Howard Now?

What happened to Nancy Howard?

Nancy would return home on the night of August 18th, 2012. With her husband away at work, Nancy, a woman of great faith, had attended a Baptism before stopping for a takeaway meal and returning home. After parking her car in the garage, she would be attacked by a gunman who demanded her purse.

Nancy would manage to escape the grip of the gunman and would see her attacker, wearing a black baseball cap.

Terrified, Nancy would at first offer up the bag of food before giving up her purse, and it was then the gunman would shoot, hitting Nancy in the head. Falling unconscious, she would eventually come around and find herself in terrible pain.

Nancy felt that she was going to die; the gunshot had struck her in the head, and the bullet then lodged in her lung, and her mobile phone was in the stolen purse. The wounded woman would make it into her home but catch sight of herself in a mirror.

With blood running down her face, Nancy did not realize at the time that she had lost an eye from the attack. Using the house phone, she would phone for help. Help would arrive, and her family was informed of the attack. Nancy and her husband Frank had three children, and they would contact their father and tell him of the horrific crime.

However, as the investigation continued, a search through Frank’s phone would uncover a terrible secret. He had been having a long-term affair with another woman, and he was with her at the time of the attack. Frank would confess to the affair and visit his wife in intensive care. However, the worst was yet to come.

It seems that Frank had underworld connections that he had been involved with for a long time. Frank was paying money to these criminals while being embroiled in an affair that was very high maintenance, leading to Frank embezzling money from clients.

Eventually, police would come to Nancy with news that they had arrested someone in connection with the attack, and it would be her husband Frank they had charged.

Why did the husband Frank Howard want his wife Nancy Howard dead?

It seems that murdering his wife was the only way out for Frank. Frank was traveling widely for his work, leaving Nancy alone, and he had met his mistress while working.

It was reported that Frank would send the woman over seven hundred thousand dollars during their affair and would tell the woman that he was separated from his wife but was not divorced.

Franks’s new squeeze would put pressure on Frank, saying he had to divorce her. Nancy stated in an interview with the BBC that Frank knew that her faith would not allow her to divorce him, leaving just one option for him to get out of the marriage.

Where is Nancy Howard Now?

The traumatic event left the family devastated, and the children of the couple maintained their belief that their father had nothing to do with the attack. It would take time before they could reconcile. Nancy did eventually divorce Frank sometime before his trial but had stated that she had forgiven him for what he had done.

She would receive a prosthetic eye and, incredibly, would be able to make a full recovery after the shooting. Nancy’s faith has allowed her to move forward with her life.

She works for a law firm and still attends church. She has not seen Frank since he was found guilty of the crime and was sentenced to thirty years.

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