What happened to Chad Doerman’s daughter?

By Kieran Burt
Published: September 2, 2023 (Last updated: September 6, 2023)
What happened to Chad Doermans daughter

What happened to Chad Doerman’s daughter? We discuss whether Chad’s daughter is still alive today. This article contains details that some readers may find distressing. 

On June 15, Chad Doerman allegedly shot and killed his three sons at their home in Ohio, shocking the broader neighborhood and community. It was done in front of his wife and stepdaughter, who survived the attack.

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This would have deeply impacted them both. It’s something that no one wants to go through. Chad Doerman has been charged with 21 counts, including aggravated murder, kidnapping, and felonious assault. He is currently awaiting trial.

What happened to the Doerman family?

On June 15, Chad Doerman would return from work to his home in Ohio. He then allegedly asked if his wife and three sons would join him in the family bedroom, where they would nap together. He allegedly brought out his rifle, a Martin Model HC .22, and shot the four-year-old Hunter in front of the other two boys and Laura.

Chad’s stepdaughter heard the shots and ran to the room to see what was happening. As she saw what was happening, she told the others to escape.

Clayton, Chad’s seven-year-old son, made it to the woods before his father found him and allegedly shot him twice. He then picked up Clayton’s body and moved it back to the house, placing it near Hunter’s body.

The stepdaughter and Chad’s third son, three-year-old Chase, would run out to the road outside their house. Chad would also come outside, aiming the rifle at the pair and attempting to fire.

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But he was out of ammunition. The stepdaughter would run away to the nearby fire station. Chase, on the other hand, returned to Chad’s wife, Laura, for protection.

Chad would fight his wife to get her to release his son. He would bite her, trying to get her to loosen her grip on the child. He got more ammunition, and a gunshot would hit Laura’s thumb. This would cause her to release Chase, which Chad allegedly shot at point-blank range.

Chad would then carry Chase to where he had put the bodies of the other two kids. Laura attempted to resuscitate her children, but they were dead.

Once the police arrived, Chad would announce that he “did it,” referring to the killing of the three children.

Chad Doerman faces 21 charges at trial: nine counts of aggravated murder, eight counts of kidnapping, and four counts of felonious assault. In a taped interview, he admitted having planned the killings since October 2022. He entered a not-guilty plea at his court hearing.

The prosecution is attempting to get him sentenced to death.

What happened to Chad Doerman’s daughter?

Chad Doerman’s stepdaughter was unfortunately caught up in the events of June 15, where she would witness the death of her stepbrothers. She would survive the attack, running away to a nearby fire station where she would have been able to get help.

Is Chad Doerman’s daughter still alive?

Chad’s stepdaughter did manage to survive what happened on June 15, along with her mother, Laura. She will likely still be recovering from the events that occurred on that day.

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