Where is Lori Milliron Now? Larry Rudolph’s Mistress Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: September 2, 2023 (Last updated: September 6, 2023)
Where is Lori Milliron Now - Larry Rudolphs Mistress Explained

Where is Lori Milliron Now? We discuss Lori Milliron and Larry Rudolph and the true crime story surrounding them.

Love and money, betrayal and death. Hollywood is filled with stories of forbidden love that have deadly consequences, and then you realize that the inspiration for many of those stories has its roots in reality.

It seems that the human race will always have a considerable percentage of people that will be content farms for writers and creative teams to plunder for inspiration.

As we dive once more into another horrifying true crime case involving love, money, and murder, we should advise that some readers may find the following story disturbing.

Who is Lori Milliron, and what did she do?

Three main players feature in this terrible tale. The first is the former Safari Club International president and incredibly successful Denver-based dentist Larry Rudolph, his wife and fellow big game hunter Bianca Rudolph, and his mistress, Lori Milliron. The horrific tale of murder would eventually lead to a trial that would find Larry and Lori charged with the murder of his wife on a Safari trip.

The lure of a vast insurance payment, over four million dollars, and his affair with Lori seem to be the factors that sealed the fate of all three. It was alleged during the trial that Lori encouraged Larry to divorce his wife and would also encourage him to go ahead and murder her.

Mistress Lori worked for the trophy-hunting dentist as a dental hygienist and manager. After the incident in Zambia that left his wife dead, Larry would claim that she had accidentally shot herself while packing her shotgun away in the early hours of the morning.

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Dealing with local authorities, the accident and ensuing fallout would be handled in Zambia. The body was cremated within three days of the Zambian police force acknowledging the death as an accident, and Larry would claim the insurance. It would take years before a case would be built against Larry, involving law officials traveling overseas to find the truth behind the case.

Where is Lori Milliron Now?

Lori was found guilty of her involvement in the crime and is currently in a federal prison. Throughout the process, she has maintained her innocence, saying she had nothing to do with the murder. An attorney for Lori stated that the sentence was much larger than what would usually be issued for the charges involved and called the ruling “excessive.”

He went on to say that an appeal would be lodged.

What was the verdict in the Lori Milliron trial?

On June 23, 2023, Lori was found guilty of being an accessory after the fact to the murder of Bianca Rudolph, obstruction of a grand jury, and two counts of perjury before a grand jury. The sixty-five-year-old was sentenced to seventeen years and fined $250,000.

According to a report on Animals 24-7, a damning piece of evidence used in the trial was testimony from a bartender named Brian Lovelace, who stated he heard a heated exchange between Larry and Lori in which he heard Larry shout, “I killed my f***ing wife for you.”

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Lovelace immediately told co-workers of the experience, and his testimony was used in the case. Larry was eventually sentenced to life imprisonment and fined fifteen million dollars for murdering his wife.

His lawyers have stated that they plan to appeal.

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