Is ‘Scissor Seven’ Coming Back for Season 5? Latest Updates

By Louie Fecou
Published: September 22, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Scissor Seven Season 5
Scissor Seven (Credit - Netflix)

So far, Scissor Seven has had four seasons. The Chinese anime series, created and co-written by He Xiaofeng, has produced forty episodes and four specials. Now, we are waiting for the confirmed season 5.

The story follows the amnesiac Seven, who manages to fail a crash course in professional killing and instead opens a barber shop on Chicken Island to act as a disguise. He resolves to become a hired assassin, his scissors become formidable weapons, and he gets involved in a battle between two rival factions while trying to recover his lost memories. It’s a quirky premise that mixes action and plenty of humor, and despite its four seasons, it often goes under the radar, but it has a substantial following, and fans are already wondering where the series will go next.

Scissor Seven 5 Confirmed

The show has been greenlit for a fifth season, and reports indicate that the next set of episodes has already entered production. Sharefun Studios and AHA Entertainment have begun work on the next season, which will continue the story of Seven.

An interview with Bilibili confirmed the fifth season, and production was well underway. Xiaofeng stated, “Season five is already in production,” and “One by one, we never stop our work.”

Fans of the show will be excited by the news, but despite what you may have seen, there is still no official confirmation of a release date. Some sites are reporting a July 2024 release, but from what I can gather, this may be speculation.

It might also be worth noting that the show may premiere in China well before dropping on Netflix, so season five may have a longer wait than anticipated. There is also some other news that fans of the show should know.

In addition to the fifth season being greenlit, it seems a feature-length movie is also developing. From what I know, the film will be a prequel to the series, and although details about the project are still vague, it looks promising that the prequel movie will happen.

The idea of a film prequel was teased at the end of season three, episode ten when a scene showed Uncle Chen with a mysterious figure standing on a hillside. He asks, “Hey, are you new here? I haven’t met you before.” We then see the silver-haired San, the purple-haired Mo Lang, and an on-screen panel that reads “Scissor Seven: The Movie Coming Soon!”

I will update you as soon as we get official confirmation of the release date of the show’s fifth season and the film prequel.

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