Where was Song of the Bandits filmed? K-Drama Locations Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: September 26, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Where was the Netflix K-Drama series Song of the Bandits filmed – a breakdown of filming locations
Song of the Bandits (Credit - Netflix)

Netflix Korean Drama Song of the Bandits is a well-produced series that prompts viewers to wonder where it was filmed. I’ve provided a breakdown of the filming locations for the historical series set in a turbulent time in Korea. Japanese colonial rule in Korea is the backdrop for this adventure, boasting fantastic cinematography and set pieces. A group of rebels unite in Gando, a land you could mistake for the wild West of America, and become a band of fighters trying to protect Joseon and save the people of Korea.

Song of the Bandits filming locations


The K-drama was filmed principally in China, adding to its authenticity. Shooting began on March 16th, 2022, and continued until February 2023. The scripts for a show such as this require a lot of location footage, and nowadays, a lot of that can be done with a green screen.

However, the modern viewer is more than capable of spotting green screen locations, and for a show such as this, with the location integral to the series’ premise, we imagine that the producers tried their best to use real locations when filming the exterior scenes and action sequences.

The Yambian Korean Autonomous Prefecture

This area is considered a Korean autonomous prefecture due to the large number of Korean people who live there. It is located in the east of China’s Jilin Province.

The region has many diverse locations, including woodlands, mountains, and rivers, offering filmmakers many options. Some of the more elaborate action sequences were filmed in woodland areas, and it is easy to see where the location work was filmed rather than using sets.

Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin, China (Credit – KTG North Korea Travel)

Studio Dragon, South Korea

The show is produced by Studio Dragon in South Korea, and this particular studio is a massive producer of K-drama.

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