10 Must-Watch Movies Similar to ‘Mortal Engines’

By Kieran Burt
Published: September 27, 2023 (Last updated: April 5, 2024)
10 Movies like Mortal Engines you must watch
Mortal Engines Promotional Image (Credit - Universal Pictures)

Mortal Engines is a 2018 film adaptation of Philip Reeve’s novel of the same name. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world where cities roam on tracks. I have put together ten similar movies in this article.

The film follows the mysterious young Hester Shaw (Hera Hilmar) as she attempts to stop London—now a giant predator city on wheels—from devouring everything in its path. Hester joins Tom Natsworthy (Robert Sheehan), an outcast from London, and Anna Fang (Jihae). While the film wasn’t a box office success, the book and fantasy setting resonated with fans.

The Maze Runner (2014)

An adaption of the book of the same name by James Dashner, the film follows Thomas (Dylan O’Brien), who arrives in the middle of a giant maze with no memory of his previous life. He quickly becomes part of the group of boys that live there and is promoted to a Runner, someone who patrols through the maze to find an escape route. Together with the only female Teresa (Kaya Scodelario), they must escape the maze.

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, the drifter and survivor Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy) must form an uneasy alliance with the warrior Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) as they free the tyrannical Immortan Joe’s five wives and try to outrun the ruthless warlord and his fleet of henchmen by stealing a heavily armored truck.

The Hunger Games (2012)

In the land that was once North America, the new Capitol of Panem holds its grip on 12 districts by forcing them to select a boy and a girl called Tributes to compete in the national games called the Hunger Games. These games are broadcast live across the different districts until one champion remains. District 12 Tribute Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) volunteers to compete and must use her hunting skills and sharp instincts to survive.

The 5th Wave (2016)

A series of alien attacks bring the human race to the brink of extinction. Ohio teenager Cassie Sullivan (Chloë Grace Moretz) gets separated from her family. She will do anything to find her brother Sam. She forms an alliance with a young man called Evan Walker (Alex Roe) and must fight for survival during the alien’s fifth attack.

Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

Set centuries into the future, an abandoned battle cyborg called Alita (Rosa Salazar) is found in the scrapyard of Iron City by Ido (Christoph Waltz), a cyber-doctor. He takes the damaged cyborg to his clinic to fix her. Once Alita is fixed, she has no memory of her past or who she is. As Alita finds her way around Iron City, Ido tries to hide Alita’s past from her.

Ready Player One (2018)

In the year 2045, planet Earth is on the brink of collapse. People find salvation in the OASIS, an expansive virtual reality universe created by the eccentric James Halliday (Mark Rylance). When he dies, he promises his fortune to whoever can complete a digital Easter Egg hunt. Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) takes up this quest and must beat the evil businessman (Nolan Sorrento) to the treasure.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Earth is locked in combat with invincible aliens. Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) is sent to fight them but is killed within moments. Cage finds himself stuck in a time loop, where he relives the same fight and brutal death again and again. Cage’s fighting skills improve even more, which brings him closer to victory. 

District 9 (2009)

Thirty years ago, aliens arrived on Earth to seek refuge. They’re put into District 9 by the Multi-National United, who are unconcerned with the aliens’ welfare but will do anything to master their advanced technology. A company agent (Sharlto Copley) gets an alien virus that begins to alter his DNA and hides in District 9. 

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Officer K (Ryan Gosling) is a blade runner for the Los Angeles Police Department. He finds a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge society into chaos. This discovery leads him to seek out Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a former blade runner who has been missing for 30 years.

I Am Legend (2007)

Robert Neville (Will Smith) is a survivor of a plague that turns humans into bloodthirsty monsters. He wanders the ruined New York City alone, trying to find others and a cure. Robert is badly outnumbered and is watched by the infected, who know that one mistake will deliver Robert into their hands. 

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