The Continental: From the World of John Wick Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained

By Lori Meek
Published: October 6, 2023
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The Continental: From the World of John Wick Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained


As much as the first two installments focused on world-building, Episode 3 offers that John Wick-style pay-off we’ve all been waiting for. It’s a violent, bloody, and exciting end to the prequel miniseries.

After two episodes of introducing the players and setting the stage, “Night 3” is the explosive finale of The Continental: From the World of John Wick —  as much as the first two installments focused on world-building, Episode 3 offers that John Wick-style pay-off we’ve all been waiting for. It’s a violent, bloody, and exciting end to the prequel miniseries, making for plenty to recap.

In this full feature-length episode (just over 97 minutes long), Winston (Colin Woodell) gets to put his plan of taking the Continental into action with the help of a new ally. A desperate Cormac (Mel Gibson) tries to take extreme measures to keep his position, but his end comes at the hands of the one person he never saw coming. 

The Continental: From the World of John Wick Episode 3 Recap and Breakdown

Night 3 opens with a flashback of Winston and Frankie as children in the fire’s aftermath. Their mother hides them in a car boot as the police are after them. At the dojo, Winston is starting to get some resistance from his team. It doesn’t help that parts of his plan are still unclear.

Winston meets with Maisie and tells her his story of growing up in poverty. His father was a drunk, and his mother was a cleaner at a bank. That same bank refused her a loan when the family got evicted. He then offers Maisie and her group the abandoned bank building he purchased to use as a base of operations. 

At the Continental, Cormac is unraveling. He gets high on some strange fumes and tells Charon that he has a way to destroy everyone, should it come to that.  After finding out Winston’s location, Hansel and another of Cormac’s men visit the hotel. 

After getting the details of Winston’s location from Mayhew, KD finally comes face to face with him as he’s running away. She points a gun at him, but they’re interrupted by Cormac’s thugs.

In the ensuing struggle, Winston finds himself escorted to the Continental. Despite Mayhew’s warnings, KD takes a coin from one of the dead assassins and uses it to get herself a room at the Continental. At first, Cormac appears to have the upper hand over Winston.

Did Charon betray Cormac?

But Winston is more clever. Getting captured was part of his plan, and Charon was in on it. Jenkins was ready in the building across the road to shoot down two of Cormac’s thugs.  Unfortunately, Charon hesitates to shoot Cormac, giving him enough time to escape through a secret hallway. 

The crew starts making their way into the hotel. And Yen is determined to avenge her husband by killing the twins. 

At the dojo, Lou has other demons to face. The local crime boss from the previous episode takes the opportunity of Miles’s absence to destroy her dojo. 

What was Miles hiding from Lou?

She also learns that her father wasn’t quite the honorable gun-hating martial arts expert she’s been keeping on a pedestal. Burton Sr. took the dojo by force, and the local crime organizations allowed it because he worked for them as a hired gun. 

As soon as Cormac successfully lights up the red light, all the deranged killers in the Continental get ready for some carnage. Each room receives a little poster with Winston and Charon’s photos so the guests know who to look for. 

Inside the armory, Cormac and his guards trap Winston and Charon. But most of his guards were, in fact, Maisie’s people. Unsurprisingly, Cormac isn’t going down without a fight. He breaks the armory key inside the lock, turns the light out, and orders everyone to start shooting. 

When the lights come on, Winston has a new plan: “Kill them all!”

As Winston and Charon are trying to track down Cormac (who is heading to the hotel’s operations room), KD shows up out of nowhere and puts a gun to Winston’s head. We finally learn why KD has been on Winston and Frankie’s tail; her family burned down in that fire the brothers started when they were kids. 

She plans on setting Winston ablaze as payback for what happened to her. Before KD can set him on fire, Jenkins shoots and injures her from the building next door. 

When Winston reunites with Charon, they hear Cormac’s live broadcast from the operations room. He’s offering a $2 million bounty for anyone who kills Winston and $1 million for each associate. By this point, Cormac has had enough and doesn’t even care about the coin press.

Lemmy’s Death

Hansel corners Miles inside the lounge room, but Lemmy saves him at the last minute by sending a bomb through the mail chute. Sadly, Hansel sends a grenade back to Lemmy, who later dies in Winston’s arms. 

After blowing up her dojo (with the crime boss inside), Lou makes her way to the Continental. She shows up just in time to help Miles fight off Hansel. 

As Hansel is about to kill both siblings in hand-to-hand combat, the little kid Lou saved from the crime boss appears with her father’s gun. Lou shoots and kills Hansel. 

From the mailroom, Winston sends several bombs through the hotel, killing more of Cormac’s men.

In what’s probably the coolest fight scene of the series, Yen goes into hand-to-hand combat with Gretel. Eventually, Yen wins, and Gretel quite literally blows up. 

The Continental: From the World of John Wick Ending Explained

An enraged Cormac murders the operation room’s worker because he needs his hand to switch on the self-destruct protocol and destroy the Continental with everyone in it. 

By the time Winston and Charon get to the operations room, Cormac has already made a run for it. Winston chases him, but Cormac quickly overpowers him. 

Who kills Cormac?

KD, who was following them, arrives at the scene just in time to hear Cormac admit to Winston that he knew there was a family inside the apartment the Scott brothers burned down on his orders. She shoots and kills Cormac but spares Winston and walks away. 

With seconds to spare, Winston uses Cormac’s severed hand to stop the Continental’s annihilation. 

Winston and his remaining team members share a drink to celebrate. When the Adjudicator arrives and claims the hotel has been closed off, she wants to know how Winston managed to get his people inside the hotel.

We learn that Winston found the coin press hidden inside the boot of the car he and Frankie used to sleep in as kids. He used it to make more coins so that Maisie’s people could claim rooms at the hotel. 

The coin press is now safe inside the abandoned bank Winston gifted to Maisie and her crew. 

Unimpressed, the Adjudicator tries threatening Winston. So he kills her to send a message to the High Table. We catch a glimpse of her face underneath that mask; it’s not pretty. 

The series ends with Winston in his penthouse apartment at the Continental, sipping on his martini. 

What did you think of The Continental: From the World of John Wick Episode 3, and the ending? Comment below.

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