Destined with You Season 1 Episode 16 Recap and Ending Explained

By Nathan Sartain
Published: October 12, 2023
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Destined with You Season 1 Episode 16 Recap and Ending Explained


A packed finale brings closure to a generally solid series.

With plenty to wrap up, the Destined with You Season 1 finale made sure everyone was highlighted in some way. Sin-yu and Hong-jo had their relationship solidified, Jung-beom was caught, Jae-gyeong came good, and Na-yeon got her comeuppance, among other things. This K-Drama series has generally been a solid watch, and episode 16 kept the consistency with a concrete ending.

If there’s been one observation regarding this series, it’s momentum. Each week, this Korean Drama has gathered excitement and gained fans. While it’s not been the best drama of the year, it’s certainly brought a lot of conversation.

Destined with You Season 1 Episode 16 Recap and Breakdown


Opening her eyes to reveal she wasn’t drugged and that the police will be on their way thanks to Sam-sik, Hong-jo flees from Jung-beom, who had tried to insist the two get married before “going together” to the “next life.” An intense chase ensues, which, in turn, sees the civil servant tied up by the antagonist.

Continuing, just as Jung-beom seeks to carry out a “soul marriage” with Hong-jo, the police manage to find the pair. Thus, the villain is arrested, and an emotional Sin-yu is left to make sure his poisoned partner is taken to hospital.

When awake, Hong-jo still has to deal with Se-heon, who is holding out on offering approval regarding the civil servant’s relationship with his son. However, the stubborn businessman is subsequently shocked by Sin-yu, given the legal advisor spills the beans on the conception dream Eun-wol had.

Elsewhere, Jung-beom begins to be questioned by police, and he confesses that he killed his wife because she was smiling at another man.

How is Na-yeon dealt with?

As Sam-sik expresses his regret over creating an alibi for Jung-beom back when the latter’s wife had died, it’s shown that Min-ho uploaded a video of Na-yeon being confronted over her misdemeanors. Concurrently, Sin-yu hands in his City Hall resignation to the frustration of the Mayor.

Angered by Hyun-seo’s rejection, the video upload, and her father’s phone calls, Na-yeon heads to confront Hong-jo. But the civil servant isn’t phased by the words used against her anymore, though she is stunned when Na-yeon is arrested for allegedly “aiding and abetting” Jung-beom’s “escape.”

In court, Jae-gyeong testifies against Hyun-seo and the Mayor, who are being looked into regarding the Mount Onjo development. In the end, Sin-yu is put in charge of the area, while Jae-gyeong is being recruited by politicians following his whistleblowing.

After watching Seo-goo and Eun-young tie the knot, we hear that Sin-yu is “completely healed like a miracle,” which he believes is due to the curse ending. Elsewhere, Kim Wook takes up acting alongside Yoon-joo, who herself is now better supported by her husband.

While Sin-yu puts himself forward to defend Sam-sik, Hong-jo warmly sees Jae-gyeong off ahead of his house move. Replacing Jae-gyeong on the first floor will be none other than Sin-yu, however, meaning he and Hong-jo now technically live together.

Destined with You Season 1 Ending Explained

Next, over a meal, Yoon-joo confesses that Eun-wol’s conception dream was actually about her and she will be having a daughter. Then, we move forward to the beach, where Sin-yu proposes to Hong-jo, and the two officially get engaged.

After the wooden box is buried again, and we’re shown a scene of Hong-jo and Sin-yu happy in each other’s presence, the episode (and series) ends.

Or does it? In a post-credits scene, Sin-yu is seen digging up the box, retrieving the book of spells, and walking away with it.

What did you think of Destined with You Season 1 Episode 16 and its ending? Was it a good finale? Comment below.

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