The Fall of the House of Usher Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

By Adam Lock
Published: October 12, 2023
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The Fall of the House of Usher Season 1 Episode 2 Recap


“The Masque of the Red Death” builds a teasing sense of dread, leading up to a truly horrifying ending. Here, Mike Flanagan starts to eke out a few more of the horrors he has in store, but the show is still keeping its cards firmly close to its chest for now.

Episode 1 of Netflix’s The Fall of the House of Usher revealed that all six of Roderick’s children were killed, but we don’t know the exact details of each individual death just yet. In Episode 2, “The Masque of the Red Death” we focus on Perry’s own horrifying death, which comes about during an eventful masquerade ball.

This full recap contains the full run-down of events, though beware that major spoilers follow.

The Fall of the House of Usher Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

The second installment begins in 1979, as a younger Auggie investigates a drug trial and the connected disappearances of five corpses in the local area. All five bodies belonged to people who were once involved in these mysterious drug trials. Auggie is desperate to work the case, but he is denied access by his boss.

What is Ligodone?

Auggie and Roderick chat back in the present about Ligodone, one of Fortunato’s most successful pills. Roderick refuses to take responsibility for those who abused his drug, which he promises is non-addictive. Then they discuss Perry (aka Prospero Usher), the first of the children to die.

Roderick recounts the terrifying circumstances surrounding Perry’s death. We are first introduced to Perry (Sauriyan Sapkota) as he steps out of an orgy. He is still upset that his father has rejected his latest business venture. Perry decides to prove his dad wrong by starting a different moneymaking scheme instead.

The idea comes to Perry during a business meeting. Fortunato are being questioned about condemned testing facilities that they own. Perry spots one of these condemned sites, which he thinks would be the perfect venue for a rave.

What is Perry’s new business venture?

He organizes the party with the help of his best friends and business associates. Perry wants this to be the first of many exclusive pop-up raves. This first one will be a masquerade ball. During the tour of the venue, Perry sees a vision of Verna atop the building.

Elsewhere, Victorine (Roderick’s daughter) and her lover Alessandra continue their clinical trial, which is currently at the animal testing stage, operating on monkeys. Roderick wants to fast-track to human trials, but their heart implant isn’t working on the animals just yet. Roderick gives Victorine a six-month deadline.

Perry asks his brother Leo (Rahul Kohli) to help supply drugs for his party. Leo offers Perry his two best drug dealers for the orgy. And Camille (Kate Siegel) has her assistants investigate the potential informant within the family, as well as dig up dirt on a new whistleblower in the trial.

Back in the present, Auggie and Roderick continue their conversation. Roderick is haunted by the ghost of Perry. He admits that he has CADASIL, a form of vascular dementia, which causes him to have these horrifying hallucinations.

Why is Roderick desperate for the clinical trials to work?

To offset this terrible disease, Roderick has poured millions into clinical trials. They are currently working on an experimental heart mesh that could buy him some more time. This explains why Roderick is so desperate for the clinical trials to succeed.

Back in the main timeline, Perry invites Freddie’s wife Morella to his masquerade ball. It is revealed that Tammy (Samantha Sloyan) hires escorts for her husband, and then she watches them interact together. And Camille is in an odd, sexual relationship with both of her assistants, at the same time.

The final third focuses on the party itself. The guests gather for this sordid affair. Perry is shocked to see that Morella is in attendance. Backstage, Perry records everything. He hopes to use this footage at a later date to blackmail the rich guests. Perry also wants to use Morella’s involvement to ruin Freddie’s life.

During the party, Perry notices an unfamiliar guest. It is Verna, dressed in a red cloak and a skeleton mask. She seduces him in a private room. Verna urges Perry to call off the party, but he won’t listen to her warning.

Verna orders the staff to lock the exit points and then leave the building. She tells Morella to leave as well. Next, the sprinklers are turned on for the main event. Perry looks upwards, excited for this special moment. Of course, the building has been condemned and the contents of the site are unsafe, what follows isn’t for the faint of heart.

The Fall of the House of Usher Episode 2 Ending Explained

How does Perry die?

The sprinklers rain down with acidic byproducts, which burn the guests’ flesh clean off. The guests try to flee, but they are all locked inside this torture chamber. The guests collapse to the floor, with their skin and clothes burnt off. Perry and all the guests perish in this terrifying accident.

The episode ends with Verna standing over Perry’s rotting body. She kisses him on the lips and places her skeletal mask over his face.

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