Is McKamey Manor still running in 2023? Haunted House Explored

By Louie Fecou
Published: October 13, 2023 (Last updated: October 16, 2023)
Is McKamey Manor still running in 2023? Haunted House Explored

McKamey Manor is an extreme haunted house experience that has been running since 2017 in California, allowing those who take part to experience some truly horrifying and disturbing scenarios, requiring strength, stamina, and emotional fortitude to even get through the door. The “attraction” was developed by Russ McKamey in San Diego, and over the years found itself becoming more and more extreme in its pursuit of horrifying people who wanted to attend. But is it still running in 2023?

As word of the manor spread, it became more controversial. Local complaints and legal matters would hamper the business, and Russ would move the manor to Summerville in Tennessee with a second one opening in Huntsville, Alabama.

If you are wondering why people would want to put themselves through the experience, it is worth noting that McKamey offers a prize of twenty thousand dollars to anyone who makes it to the end of the experience.

To date, that prize has not been claimed.

The Story Behind McKamey Manor

Russ McKamey would set the manor up as an extreme haunted house experience, and as word spread of its nature, people wanted to take part.

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Those who attended the attraction had to sign a liability waiver before they could participate in the “tour”, with items on the waiver including the inability to leave the experience without the staff’s permission and people taking part being subjected to various forms of psychological and physical torture.

The waiver would explain that the experience could result in broken bones, teeth being removed, being waterboarded, having their hair cut off, and being drugged.

To ensure that the participants would have little chance of enduring the full experience, which could last up to ten hours, they would answer questions about themselves that would provide McKamey with information that would be used against them personally, so if you were scared of spiders, they would fill the place with spiders, and so on.

Why do you sign a waiver in McKamey Manor?

The waiver that was put in place was to ensure that those taking part would do so at their own risk, and it would absolve the staff at the manor of any repercussions if something went too far.

The forty-page waiver that people had to sign before taking part was designed to cover every possible scenario so that no legal action could be taken against the company after the experience was over.

Is McKamey Manor still running in 2023?

Everything indicates that at the time of writing, the manor is still operational, and still has many people interested in taking part.

YouTuber Danny Berk has been covering the manor for a long time and has been threatened legally by the business owners to stop the coverage or be sued.

His series of uploads on the manor is very revealing, and he feels that Russ McKamey “is a big fraud”.

A new Hulu documentary Monster Inside: America’s Most Extreme Haunted House also covers the story of the manor.

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