Who is Brenda’s mother in Netflix’s Pact of Silence?

By Louie Fecou
Published: October 14, 2023 (Last updated: October 18, 2023)
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Who is Brendas mother in Netflix Pact of Silence

At the heart of the Mexican Netflix series Pact of Silence, there is a mystery surrounding the main protagonist, and in particular, viewers are desperate to know who Brenda’s real mother is and the truth about her tragic childhood.

The telenovela explores the back story of Brenda, played by Camila Valero, as she rises from being abandoned as a baby and growing up on the streets. She uses all her resources to become a social media influencer and embarks on a mission of revenge against the four women she knows were involved in her traumatic childhood.

As the story progresses, we see Brenda methodically infiltrate the lives of the women she knows she is somehow connected to, but who is Brenda’s birth mother?

Pact of Silence Plot Explained

The plot follows Brenda, who was abandoned at birth and endured a tough time surviving on the streets and fighting to make something of herself. When she becomes a popular figure on social media, with over ten million followers, she embarks on a quest to find her birth mother and discover the circumstances that led to her being abandoned as a baby.

Brenda’s quest for the truth leads her to a school headmistress. This character, who was involved in similar cases, was previously involved in helping four teenagers in similar acts of abandonment.

This discovery kickstarts Brenda into investigating four people of interest, one of whom may be her mother.

We meet Housewife Fernanda, Congresswoman Irene Bustamante, Author Sofia Estrada, and realtor Martina Robles.

The logline from Netflix’s Tudum Website reads:

Four teens abandon a baby. Now baby’s all grown up and ready for payback.

Who is Brenda’s mother in Netflix’s Pact of Silence?

Major Spoilers for Pact of Silence are ahead.

Congresswoman Irene Bustamante, played by Kika Edgar, is Brenda’s mother. All four prospective mothers gathered together before the truth was revealed.

Irene would respect Brenda’s search and her strength of character and explain what happened to her. As Irene was just a teenager when she fell pregnant with Brenda, she would be led to abandon the child, igniting the narrative of the Pact of Silence.

There is, of course, a lot more to the series, and the introduction of Irene’s stepson Adriano, a psychopath obsessed with Brenda, further complicates the situation and raises the stakes for the characters in the season finale. In a gripping set piece, Adriano holds a knife to Brenda’s throat and forces Irene into making a terrible decision.


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