Will there be a Season 2 of Frankelda’s Book of Spooks?

By Romey Norton
Published: October 15, 2023 (Last updated: October 21, 2023)
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Will there be a Season 2 of Frankelda’s Book of Spooks?

The Max series Frankelda’s Book of Spooks is a Mexican stop-motion animated television series created by brothers Arturo and Roy Ambriz Rendón and produced by the animation studio Cinema Fantasma for Cartoon Network Latin America and Max. This Burtonesque show was a hit amongst viewers and critics, so everyone’s asking, will we get a Season 2?

This anthology series follows the story of Frankelda, a mysterious ghostwriter, who tells tales of terror with the assistance of her grumpy enchanted book Herneval. The first season’s length is 70 minutes divided into 5 spooky episodes — in each one audiences watch kids encounter monsters that embody their deepest and most corrosive fears. These monsters are known as “Spooks” and often pay heavy consequences for their decisions. 

Aimed more toward younger audiences, Frankelda’s Books of Spooks boasts detailed puppetry, a stop-motion filming style, and of course, spooky, sometimes funny, stories. Fun fact: 122 puppets and 42 sets were created for the series.

Will there be a Frankelda’s Book of Spooks Season 2?

Official Renewal Status: TBC

Whilst a second season of Frankelda’s Book of Spooks has not been confirmed, fans can delight that there will be a movie coming. Hopefully, this will also be a success and their stories can continue. 

Since Frankelda’s Book of Spells only debuted outside of Latin America on October 12, 2023, there is little information currently available on how well the series performed for the platform. It has been well-received in general, though, with an impressive 8.8 rating on IMDb.

Viewership metrics aside, it seems a major part of Frankelda’s ongoing success is Guillermo del Toro. In an interview with Screen Daily, the Ambriz brothers revealed:

Guillermo del Toro, in fact, wrote a letter to Warner Bros Discovery executives congratulating them and telling them to continue supporting Frankelda, because it was a milestone in the history of animation in Mexico.

When will Frankelda and the Prince of Spooks be released?

At the Pixelatl Festival in 2022 a spin-off series exploring the backstory of Frankelda and Herneval further was announced, titled Frankelda and the Prince of Spooks. Then in early 2023 at the Annecy International Animation Festival it was confirmed this will in fact be a movie and is a work in progress. 

Frankelda and the Prince of Spooks will expand on Frankelda and her companion, as we follow Frankelda as she travels in the form of a ghost to a kingdom of her own invention inhabited by Spooks, which are all the monstrous characters she created in her horror tales. Her guide Herneval, the Prince of Spooks, takes her to help him save the balance between the Realm of Fiction and the Realm of Existence by using her talent as a writer.

The film is currently in post-production and we’re expecting a release date towards the end of the yearThe film is going to be created, written, and directed by the Ambriz Brothers again, keeping its originality and authenticity.

Frankelda and the Prince of Spooks will be coming to Max Latin America.  

Where to watch Frankelda’s Book of Spooks?

The English dub of Frankelda’s Book of Spooks is available to stream on Max. Unfortunately, due to Max’s geo-restrictions, non-US viewers will have to wait until a streaming service in their area has the content to watch it. Max does not offer a free trial, so you will have to get a paid subscription to the streaming platform to enjoy the show.

However, you can play the original soundtrack on Amazon, Spotify, and YouTube. 

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