Wingwomen Ending Explained – Does the team pull off their final mission? 

By Romey Norton
Published: November 1, 2023
Wingwomen Ending Explained
Manon Bresch [L] Mélanie Laurent [R], and Adèle Exarchopoulos in Wingwomen | Image via Netflix

Wingwomen follows the story of two expert best-friend thieves who are sick and tired of life on the run and recruit feisty Sam to assist them with one last mission, unlike any they’ve done before. Filled with action at every turn, and a dramatic yet highly emotional ending, this film stands out as a rare success in the action-comedy genre.

A film breaking down stereotypes, building on sisterhood and female empowerment, it’s the fun action-comedy of the season, and well worth investing your time in.

Wingwomen Ending Explained

The final section of the film finds the leading trio pulling off the ultimate mission, which involves stealing an important painting that is worth millions. After successfully acquiring the painting, the plan is to give it to Godmother and get out of there alive. Whilst Alex and Sam are aware of a plan, it’s Carole who has something different in mind. 

In the room with Godmother, all curtains are closed so Alex is shooting blind. Carole gives her coordinates to shoot, killing Godmother. This causes her many guards and police to come storming the building. Carole and Alex share an emotional scene where Carole expresses her love for her and claims she won’t make it out of this. 

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As multiple guards enter the room, Carole raises her gun and is shot down, right after saying, “This is no life for a baby.” 

Sam and Alex are able to escape and the film cuts to four years later, with Sam asking Alex for help. Alex drives her to a little blonde girl at a lonely house in the desert, and out walks Carole, alive and well. Shocked, stunned, and soppy hugs take place before the film pans out as the four girls sit in the wilderness with a beautiful sunset backdrop to the music of “I’ll Stand By You”. It’s an unexpected, heart-warming, and fulfilling ending. 

Why do Carole and Alex want to quit?

Carole finds herself pregnant, six weeks after thinking she’d never get pregnant, so has a major decision to make regarding her future. This influences her decision to leave her current job, but it’s also implied both she and Alex wanted to quit before this news. They exclaim they’re tired and fed up with being in danger.  

Carole keeps this pregnancy quiet, which I appreciated, as the story doesn’t need to be about this decision. The film carries on with only us audience members knowing Carole’s secret — there is even a joke about her starting menopause due to her age and changing emotions and eating habits. Only towards the end does Carole tell her friends, and it’s sweet how they’re all excited together. 

This doesn’t last and when the ending happens, we know that Carole loved her best friend so much she’d sacrifice herself for her, and her future happiness. 

Does the team pull off their final mission? 

With two million euros at stake, this heist is an important one. They bring in a third girl (Sam) to be their intense getaway driver, who proves herself to be one of the girls quickly. Their final mission is a classic robbery and whilst conducting they are disturbing a film set and people think they’re extras — this is quite a funny touch. They successfully steal the painting and take it back to Godmother, so in this final mission, yes they are successful. 

But are they successful in their mission to make this one their last? After a dramatic shootout ending, and four years of hiding, yes, the best friends finally get the freedom and happy ending they desired. 

What did you think of the ending of Wingwomen? Comment below.

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