Gen V Season 1 Ending Explained – What happens to Goldokin University?

By Romey Norton
Published: November 3, 2023
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Gen V Season 1 Ending Explained
Gen V Season 1 | Image via Prime Video


The campus is in total chaos, giving fans the dramatic and suspenseful ending this series deserved. You’ll be begging and screaming for more.

The final episode of Gen V Season 1 will leave you itching for a second season, but also aching for Season 4 of The Boys. This show-stopping finale has a great balance of conflict, drama, and suspense and is a thrilling ending to Gen V. There are some highly entertaining, intense, violent shots, which is what makes this series stand out from anything else available on streaming currently. For those trying to keep up with the drama, the twists, turns, and down-right brilliant cameos from The Boys, let’s break down everything that happened in Gen V Episode 8.

Gen V Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

There is a surprising twist, which sees two of our teen-superhero groups team up together and free the captured supes from The Woods to spread absolute terror on campus, causing supes to fight one another with some trying to kill people without any powers to defend themselves. 

Andre has to make a life-or-death choice after receiving some shocking news about his father, who is unwell and cannot use his powers. They realize there is something wrong with both of them, and this will certainly affect him in the future. 

Our favourite stress-head Ashley is back helping choose someone new for the elite Seven and is pushed to new stress levels when she realises rogue supes are killing around campus. Ashley promises whoever stops the rogue supes will be part of The Seven and the first person she calls is Marie. 

Marie has an excellent, compelling scene where she takes the blood from the bodies lying around her, turns the blood into what looks like shards of glass, and fires them — here we finally get to see just how powerful Marie is. She might give the head-popper and Homelander a run for their money.

Sam has a crisis of conflict, as he’s trying to discover whose side he’s on and what he wants in life. He and Emma have a dramatic verbal fight scene and the acting here is emotional and on point. 

I was shocked there weren’t more people in The Woods who were released, however, it’s enough that you’re not losing count of people and their powers and when the brawl is happening on campus it’s contained and doesn’t spread out of the university area. 

Cate and Sam have similar beliefs and agendas and we get to see their powers in full swing, showing what a tour-de-force supes can be when they band together and don’t play by the rules. 

Some sections link back to The Boys Season 4, so get ready to get your thinking caps on and plot what you think will happen in the upcoming seasons. 

What happens to Goldokin University?

It appears that no one realizes Dean Shetty is dead. Ashley is more focused on finding someone for The Seven. When everyone is released from The Woods the campus goes into chaos as the tortured supes want to kill anyone without powers, and supes want to stop them. It’s friend fighting friend, supe fighting supe, and who is powerful enough to stop that? The future of the university is left up in the air. 

What happens to the group?

Helping supes by hurting humans — is this the way to go? The group is split apart by their differences, fighting friends, fighting supes, trying to get revenge, trying to do what they think is right. In the end, the group is still split and we don’t know where Sam and Cate are. Andre, Emma, Marie, and Jordan end up together, in a place they don’t know.

How does Gen V Season 1 end?

The Gen V ending is insane. You will be shocked, in awe, and left with your jaw on the floor. There’s a post-credit scene so make sure you don’t miss that. 

The episode begins where Episode 7 ended, with Dean Shetty bleeding all over the rug whilst the group panics, except Cate and Sam who make a plan to free everyone in The Woods. 

Freeing everyone causes a huge brawl on campus with everyone fighting and Marie and Andre as the two guardians of Godolkin know they have to stop it — without hurting anyone else. However, this does not go to plan as Marie’s powers are becoming more intensified, and she blows up Cate’s arm, which I was not expecting at all. 

Overall these last two episodes have turned this slow season around and built tension and suspense which will leave audiences wanting more. This episode has tied the series nicely to The Boys, where fans will be excited and enthusiastic about future seasons.

What did you think of Gen V Season 1 Episode 8 and the ending? Comment below.

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