Quiz Lady Ending Explained – Does Anne win the money at Can’t Stop the Quiz?

By Lori Meek
Published: November 4, 2023 (Last updated: November 6, 2023)
Quiz Lady Ending Explained
Quiz Lady | Image credit: Michele K Short

Hulu’s Quiz Lady is a comedy about two estranged sisters who must come together to help pay their mother’s gambling debt and rescue their beloved pug, Linguini, from the bookies. Youngest Anne grew up watching a popular game show hosted by Terry McTeer and became obsessed with it over the years. The film’s ending finds Anne taking part in the show, and even winning the prize money, but it’s an up-and-down road through sibling rivalry, mental health woes, and a lot more to get to that point. And that’s where we come in. 

Jenny talks Anne, who’s a quiz expert, into auditioning for her favorite show as a way to raise the money for Linguini’s safe return. By “talks,” I mean she secretly films her sister, makes her an internet star, forcefully drives her to the audition, and gives her illegal substances to help with her nerves. After the two sisters have their blow-out in the middle of Benjamin Franklin’s hotel breakfast room, Jenny moves out while Anne goes back to work. 

Quiz Lady Ending Explained

Who goes to Los Angeles with Anne instead of Jenny?

But Anne did ace her audition, so the producers invited her to fly out and participate in the game show. She eventually agrees and invites Francine, who’s supposedly a charades expert, to join in as her partner.

When she arrives at the studio, Anne is overwhelmed to meet her idol, Terry McTeer, and irritated by the show’s current champion, the overly confident Ron. During the first round, the Quiz Lady struggles to focus on the questions and just about manages to get through without being eliminated. 

How did Jenny rescue Linguini?

Before the second round could start, Jenny shows up at the studio with none other than Anne’s beloved quiz partner, Linguini. Jenny went to the bookie’s hide-out and stole the dog from them after promising to settle their mother’s debt once she got her lawsuit money.

To Ron’s dismay, Linguini is allowed on stage next to Anne for the second round, and she effortlessly answers all the questions. But it seems like Anne’s luck is about to run out when the coin flip part of the show indicates she’ll have to play charades. 

After sharing a touching moment with Terry backstage, Anne decides to play that final round with her sister, to Francine’s disappointment. At first, Jenny struggles to understand her sister’s mimicking, but the two soon get on the same wavelength and get all the answers right. 

Does Anne win the money at Can’t Stop the Quiz?

Anne wins and becomes the show’s new current champion, while the previously cocky Ron has a meltdown on live TV. But it’s OK as according to the epilogue, he decided to start therapy following the unfortunate event. 

Outside the studio, Francine finally meets her idol – Alan Cummings from The Good Wife. In reality, it’s the late Paul Reubens, but Anne talks him into pretending to be the other actor to make Francine happy. 

The two sisters share one final heartfelt chat and decide to start living together in Los Angeles, as Anne will now be a regular contestant on her favorite quiz show (until someone else becomes champion). 

Aside from details of Ron finally taking his mental health seriously, the epilogue also reveals that: 

  • Terry and Anne become close friends. 
  • Anne breaks the show’s record by staying the unbeaten champion for 93 episodes. 
  • Linguini is a highly successful social media influencer who earns more per post than most humans. 
  • Jenny receives her (obscene) pay-off from the lawsuit and uses her money to pay off the bookie and purchase a Malibu mansion. 
  • Francine dies. (But at least she got to meet her favorite actor)
  • After finishing her stint on Can’t Stop the Quiz, Anne is hired as one of the show’s writers. 
  • To no one’s surprise, the mousy lady who worked at the assisted living facility turns out to be a murderer. 

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