Invincible Season 2 Episode 2 Recap – What new potential threat does Mark face?

By Ricky Valero
Published: November 10, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Invincible Season 2 Episode 2 Recap
Invincible Season 2 | Image via Prime Video


The pacing continues to allow Mark’s character to develop in a way that makes him worthy of investment. Another fantastic episode.

Mark is being eased back into the fold with the Guardians in Invincible Season 2. With the school year over, Mark wants to dive head first into working with Cecil and the Guardians. However, his mother is concerned about his mental health and checks in to find out what Cecil is doing to protect her son. In Episode 2, a potential new threat emerges for Mark in the form of the Atlanteans, and the Prime Video series continues to exhibit stellar pacing throughout this follow-up, proving that the high quality of the season premiere wasn’t a fluke.

Invincible Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

It’s High School Graduation, and Mark isn’t around, but Amber is optimistic because he promised to be there. However, simultaneously, we see him battling with Doc Seismic, who is destroying the city. Ultimately, after a battle, Mark gets the best of the Doc and takes him down, making it back to the graduation.

Back home, Mark’s mom is trying to spend time with him as it is his last summer of being “a kid.” Mark tries to explain that Cecil needs him, and he never knows when, so he can’t just go away right now. The two continue to struggle to connect since the passing of their husband/father.

Who is Kate dating now?

Bulletproof sends the Guardians through a rigorous workout, and the team struggles afterward. Rex, who was a little messed up at work, overhears Kate in the locker room, and as he tries to make a move, she emerges from the shower. She tells him they aren’t dating, and we see The Immortal walk out of the shower. Kate tells Rex that they are dating now.

A new threat has entered the city, and he looks to be Darkwing, but Cecil says that he saw his remains, so it can’t be him. He sends Mark to investigate who it is and bring them back to headquarters.

Mark confronts the man in the mask trying to take out two men. He tries to tell him he can’t be killing people, and the man reveals himself as the assistant to Darkwing, Nightboy. Nightboy tells Mark that his father killed Darkwing, and he isn’t going to let him turn into his father. After a quick skirmish, Mark is able to get the best of Nightboy and bring him back to headquarters.

What new potential threat does Mark face?

The Atlanteans aren’t happy with how Omni-Man destroyed their planet. Cecil tells Mark that since he isn’t around to face the charges, the sentence falls to his next of kin. They have threatened to erase the eastern seaboard if they don’t handle this. His only way out is to marry the widow, and although Mark says he has a girlfriend, it can be for show.

How does Invincible Season 2 Episode 2 end?

Mark must go underground to meet the Majesty to discuss the marriage. She enlightens him that they abolished the law long ago and tells him the new law is trial by combat. Mark goes to battle against this big robotic fish and beats him to death.

Cecil sends in some support, but all it does is free the giant monster from its chains. Instead of leaving the underground, Mark heads back to fight the monster and save the Atlanteans. He beats the monster, and Cecil informs Mark that Atlantis is calling it even since he saved the queen’s life.

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