The Queenstown Kings Ending Explained – Do the team qualify for the Nedbank Cup?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: November 17, 2023 (Last updated: November 28, 2023)
The Queenstown Kings Ending Explained
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The Queenstown Kings centers around the titular team qualifying for the Nedbank Cup and it’s a harder journey than they had anticipated. Apart from Fana and Buyile making some questionable choices for funding that lead to a police raid and Fana getting shot, it is impossible for them to get this funding. The ending of the film doesn’t just answer the central sporting question of whether or not the team qualifies but also delves into the many aspects of violence, corruption, family, and addiction surrounding the team and its coaches and players.

The Queenstown Kings Ending Explained

Not only are the Queenstown Kings struggling to get everything in line to qualify, but players become more violent at taking matters into their own hands. One of the matches has to be abandoned because a player takes out a gun in anger. In the game of football, it makes no sense to have that kind of violent release, especially with a weapon, so it becomes a different film entirely.

While all this is happening with Fana and Buyile focusing on management and the players, Fezile gets a letter for him to join the Sundowns. All of this is set up to have this grand finale because everyone has secrets of their own and it all needs to come out somehow.

Why does Fezile join the Sundowns?

In the end, Fezile does not join the Sundowns for his own benefit and to get away from the violence plaguing his team. He feels like the team needs him and he does stay with them, but the Sundowns continue to pressure Fezile into joining them. Unfortunately, one of his team members finds out that the scout from the Sundowns has approached him and he is furious with him. At that moment Fezile has had enough of people dictating what he should do even out of guilt so he decides to leave the Queenstown Kings and joins the Sundowns.

Fezile and Buyile do have a heart-to-heart towards the end of the film about him rejoining the Queenstown Kings. Buyile knows that his son wants to make a name for himself and get away from a certain lifestyle and fully supports his decision to play for the Sundowns. Buyile also gives him a signed jersey from all his teammates showing that they all want him to succeed. Shortly after he goes to the Director of Football and quits entirely. The next match, Fezile turns up with a Queenstown Kings jersey and sees his grandfather alongside his father on the field. All is at peace with his family and he feels much better with his decision.

Do The Queenstown Kings qualify for the Nedbank Cup?

The main issue with this film is that it doesn’t feel soccer-centric. Sure, it’s about a soccer team and people enjoying football, but there’s more corruption involved than anything. The drugs and alcohol being abused in this film put a damper on the inspirational aspects. We see that Buyile (Fezile’s father) tests positive for alcohol in his system. He had been arrested before and for him to avoid jail time, they said he could coach the team but if they found alcohol in his system again then it would be over.

His brother does help him out and writes a letter explaining that the bond they have developed while he was on the team has changed him. His brother says that if he were to ever die in his line of work off the field then Buyile would be able to coach the team effortlessly. While his brother is injured after the bullet went through him, Buyile coaches the team to victory and they qualify for the Nedbank Cup.

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