Obituary Season 1 Ending Explained – Who is arrested for the murders in Killraven?

By Ricky Valero
Published: November 21, 2023
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Obituary Season 1 Ending Explained
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The season finale of Obituary was easily the best episode of the series. Siobhán Cullen thrives as Elvira with the hopes we get to see more from her in the character in a second season.

Elvira is dodging Emerson and Hughie in her attempt to keep her and her father’s name clear in Episode 6, “Body Count”, the Season 1 finale of the Hulu series ObituaryWith her back against the wall, Elvira decides to plant evidence against someone she knows to protect her secret. The show’s ending finds someone being brought to justice for the various crimes in Killraven, and someone else coming back from the dead, making for a dramatic conclusion to the Irish dark comedy. 

Who died in “Body Count?”

Elvira is off in the woods, where we see her pull the trigger, shooting Garda. A loud bang goes off, and Mallory rushes to save Garda and notices that Elvira is passed out in what looks like a drug overdose. With her checkered past, Mallory leaves them both there.

The following day, Ward informs Elvira that he found her and rescues her. He dumped the body in the water, cleaned down the boat, and brought Elvira home to take care of her. Elvira was in awe that her father came to her rescue but knew she had to get Emerson off her dad’s trail for the murder.

Elvira meets with Emerson to discuss her father’s whereabouts. She explained where he was, leading to Emerson saying the duo needed to stay for more drinks. Elvira said she knew what more drinks meant, and the two ended up sleeping together.

Who is arrested for the murders in Killraven?

Elvira finally figures out how to get the heat off of her father and herself by planting evidence in her boss Hughie’s office and house. As a result, Emerson found the passport in a fish tank, and the cop found the gun in his office, leading to his arrest.

The series shifted to six weeks later, where we see Elvira talking about how her and murder are done, and it’s better that way. She and Emerson are still together and thriving due to their relationship.

Who is still alive that shocks the city?

Elvira and Emerson are at her father’s house talking about life when the news reports that a missing body had turned up and was reunited with his wife. The person ended up being Mr. Benson, the man Elvira pushed off the cliff earlier in the season.

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This leads to Elvira visiting Mr. Benson to see if he remembers her pushing him off the cliff. As the two sit down and eat together, he said he remembers her, but it was because she wrote his obituary and said it was awful.

How does Obituary Season 1 end?

Mrs. Benson returns home to see that her husband is covered in blood at the kitchen table. She walks down the hall and finds Elvira on the floor, covered in blood. She says that her husband thought she was one of the men who had kidnapped him and attacked her.

The season ends with Elvira visiting her mother and talking about everything that she has done and how she plans not to stop killing any time soon.

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