Doi Boy Ending Explained – What happens to Wuth, Ji, and Sorn?

By Romey Norton
Published: November 24, 2023
Doi Boy Ending Explained
Doi Boy | Image via Netflix

Doi Boy tells the story of three young men, who are illegal immigrants from Myanmar, living on the margins of society in Thailand. All have a common quest for justice. One heterosexual man builds a new identity as a sex worker and gets caught up in a client’s risky scheme, which if pulled off, could lead him to a better life. Risking everything for a better future for his little brother, this story beautifully and brutally showcases the harsh reality many face. It’s the dark side of these idyllic countries we long to visit; the hidden tortures we fail to see. Whilst the film boasts a strong and powerful premise, the script felt underdeveloped and unsupported by bland and basic acting, building to an ending that is sad but also bland.

Doi Boy Ending Explained

The film begins in a doi boy club, clearly showing audiences what one is, where to find them, and their multi-purposes. We watch a man performing (stripping) as one viewer looks on experiencing traumatizing flashbacks. We cut to the performer and the man, naked together in a private room. Then we go back to how they two ended up there together. The film works through the three young men’s (Wuth, Ji, and Sorn) lives and how they’re all connected. We watch as Sorn confronts his past, and would face the penalty of death for leaving the army if he went home. 

What happens to Wuth, Ji, and Sorn?

Towards the end, Sorn gets his passport, which is a small beacon of hope for him to go back to Thailand. However, hope is slowly lost as we are shown the fate of the three men in small scenes.

Wuth becomes a monk and appears to be unhappy with his life and his decision. Ji is wrapped in barbed wire, put in a barrel, and thrown into the water to drown and be forgotten about. As his wife desperately tries to find him, by going to the police, where Ji worked, you are left to believe they were the ones behind his brutal murder. 

The film ends with Sorn walking across the countryside/mountains, alone. This is rather freeing, yet I didn’t feel fulfilled or complete. I was left with more questions than answers.

Is Doi Boy based on a true story?

The film’s director, Nontawat Numbenchapol, is known for making documentaries centered around human rights, prostitution, border conflicts, and ethnicity, and that’s no different in his first feature action film Doi Boy. The film has been developed over five years, so a lot of thought and research has gone into this script and production, but it is still a fictional piece. 

The doi boys come from Myanmar, formerly ruled by a military government, whereas Thailand was formerly ruled by a democratic government, so they seek a better, safer life, but now, it’s upside-down and the film reflects this in a compassionate way. Perhaps it’s too safe and they could have pushed the boat out further to make a deep impression on audiences. 

Whilst it may not be based on one specific person’s story, it is based on what has happened and what is happening to young men fleeing to Thailand and having no choice but to go into the sex trade industry to survive. 

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