Replacing Chef Chico Season 2: Will Netflix order a second course?

By Louie Fecou
Published: November 27, 2023
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Has Replacing Chef Chico been renewed for Season 2?
Replacing Chef Chico Season 2 | Image via Netflix

Replacing Chef Chico is the first Netflix original series produced for the Philippines, and follows sous chef Ella, who works at the Haim restaurant and is in love with head chef Chico. However, Chico, currently engaged to another woman, ends up in a coma after a car crash, leaving Ella to run the business that is already at risk of closing. The show is a combination of drama and cooking and makes sure that the food is just as much a character as the regular cast. The restaurant has a unique hook, preparing meals that have been researched individually for the guests, and we follow the struggles of Ella, her staff, and Raymond, a consultant observing the business, trying to figure out how to help save it from closing. Fans have taken to the series rather well and speculation about a potential renewal is naturally rife, but what are the chances of Replacing Chef Chico Season 2?

Has Replacing Chef Chico been renewed for Season 2?

Official renewal status: Not renewed

At the time of writing, there has been no official confirmation of Replacing Chef Chico Season 2.

Of course, it is still a little early for an announcement and it can often take a little longer for shows to get a second bite of the cherry, as information has to be collated before a decision can be made. Making TV shows is an expensive business, and before Netflix invests more money, they need to be sure it’s what people want to watch.

As of right now, there’s nothing to suggest another season is planned. However, you never can tell, and maybe Replacing Chef Chico will be a hit that receives a second season. It has certainly been a hit on X, formerly Twitter, with fans requesting a Season 2:

How did  Replacing Chef Chico Season 1 end?

The season finale of Replacing Chef Chico has the stakes set high, with the restaurant in trouble, Chico reaching boiling point in the kitchen and Ella hanging up her chef’s jacket and quitting.

Raymond reveals to Ella that he wants her to travel to Singapore to manage his new business venture and be head chef. Meanwhile, Hain is in a crisis, bookings have been canceled and the staff are trying everything to keep the place open. Chico’s mum arrives to try and get her son to take a step back for the sake of the business. He arrives at Ella’s apartment and offers her head chef of Haim, as well as a knife with her name inscribed on it.

Ella arrives back at Haim and takes everything in hand, and after a successful night the staff are behind Ella, but Raymond has left and is preparing to leave for Singapore. At the airport, Ella meets Raymond and announces she cannot go with him, and returns to Haim.

Could there be a Season 2 of Replacing Chef Chico?

It does seem that all the various storylines are tied up in the final episode of the show meaning that the writer may not have envisaged a second season. However, with Ella back at the restaurant, and Chico still with us, there is always room for more kitchen drama, and of course, some stunning dishes.

In the world of streaming, viewership talks more loudly than anything else, and if Replacing Chef Chico is a success, Season 2 may very well be on the cards.

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