Candy Cane Lane Ending Explained – Does Chris win the Candy Cane Lane prize money?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: December 2, 2023 (Last updated: December 4, 2023)
Candy Cane Lane Ending Explained
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In Candy Cane Lane, once Chris finds out that the “12 Days of Christmas” tree he signed for has the ornaments “stolen”, he goes directly to “Kringles” to see what he can do. Pepper, the actual Elf from Santa’s workshop, tells Chris that she cursed him. He needs to find golden rings so he doesn’t turn himself into one of the porcelain characters. He has to find all the rings before the clock strikes 8 pm on Christmas Eve. The film’s ending uses this light ticking-clock device to explore the true meaning of Christmas.

This concept is truly one of the most unique in any Christmas film and that’s why it worked so well. There are one-liners sprinkled throughout that work in the context of Christmas and most adults will laugh. Once Chris tells his family his situation, they put their differences aside to help him not become a porcelain doll. The kids also express how they’re feeling about their studies and how suffocated they feel with Chris and Carol trying to guide them to do something they don’t want to do.

Candy Cane Lane Ending Explained

Chris and Holly believe in Christmas so to see the porcelain Charles Dickens characters come alive and talk to them isn’t crazy. Everyone knows the song “12 Days of Christmas” and each animal or character in the song comes alive in Chris’s world. So seven swans swimming, six geese a layin, ten lords leaping, all become physical beings with the golden rings attached. Pepper says that these rings can be anywhere and now Chris is short on time to save himself. The issue is that he doesn’t tell his family why he needs to desperately find the rings because he doesn’t want to worry them.

Does Chris win the competition?

In short, Chris does win the competition because he successfully expresses what the true meaning of Christmas is and that’s spending time with family. It was never about the decorations outside the house, but the family who makes up the home. He also won some tacos and some new friends because of what happens with Santa and the porcelain characters at the end of this film.

Does Chris become a porcelain character?

Surprisingly, Chris does turn into a porcelain doll because Pepper wants to make everyone miserable. She was kicked out of Santa’s workshop and now wants to curse people who never understood the meaning of Christmas. So instead of copying the song with “5 golden rings” being the main objective for Chris, he now has to collect 40 because the song is sung on a loop so there are more than five rings.

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It’s a loophole that Santa doesn’t approve of but Chris did sign the contract. After this all hell breaks loose and Pepper unleashes all the animals and characters from the song. When it gets to five minutes to eight o’clock, Chris turns into a porcelain doll and the effects are awesome. Now the porcelain Dickens characters drive around in a Porsche to retrieve all the golden rings. When it’s too late, Carol picks up Chris in her hands and says that they’ll figure this out but Santa has a trick up his sleeve.

He said to count how many rings the family was able to get and they settled on 38, the last two rings are Chris and Carol’s wedding rings, so the deal is settled. Chris becomes human and so do the other carolers while Pepper returns home to the North Pole under Santa’s watchful eye.

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