Criminal Code Season 2 is RENEWED on Netflix

By Louie Fecou
Published: December 5, 2023
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Criminal Code Season 2
Criminal Code Season 1 | Image via Netflix

The case of Criminal Code Season 2 has already been re-opened. On December 5, 2023, Netflix confirmed that the Brazilian procedural had been renewed for a second season. 

The Netflix crime thriller Criminal Code follows the Federal Police, determined and relentless in their pursuit of justice, using DNA traces to bring the world’s largest team of bank robbers to account for their crimes. Netflix has put a lot of faith into the production, and this is the most expensive Brazilian series that the streaming platform has made so far. Directed by Heitor Dhalia and featuring Rômulo Braga, Maeve Jinkings, and Thomás Aquino in the cast, the violent and gritty drama has attracted a lot of attention on Netflix, and fans are already wondering what happens next.

Taking place at the border of Brazil and Paraguay, the series takes its inspiration from a real-life event that involves a large-scale robbery. The heist occurs at the border between Brazil and Paraguay, and the federal police officers are determined to find every criminal involved. However, with the gang numbering more than 50 members, it is a job of epic proportions. Adding to the drama, one officer has an even greater determination to bring the gang down, as one of the thugs is the man who killed his partner, making his quest for justice personal.

Has Criminal Code on Netflix been renewed for Season 2?

Official Renewal Status: Renewed

Criminal Code Season 2 has been officially confirmed by Netflix. Netflix Brazil broke the news on X, formerly Twitter:

Translated into English, the above reads: “So proud of my first Brazilian police action series. DNA do Crime is renewed for a 2nd season”.

This is a pretty short turnaround for a renewal, especially of a new international IP, which is reflected of the enormous success that Criminal Code has enjoyed on the platform since its release.

How did Criminal Code Season 1 End?

Criminal Code’s season finale is a flurry of action and plot turns, all much more exciting than the slower-paced earlier episodes.

While the personal angle is dealt with by Soulless’s surrender and capture by the authorities, the larger criminal plot involving the Organization and the Ambassador is very much still ongoing. In the finale, the Ambassador is able to escape capture thanks to a mole, and while Rossi’s team receives some well-deserved recognition, they’re also given the green light to go after Ghost Gang.

Let’s face it, everything is already in place for season two.

What did reviews say about Criminal Code?

There have been some mixed reviews for the show, with Decider saying you could skip it, and IMDb rating the show at 6.0/10.

In our own review, we have the show at a slightly above-average three out of five stars, but it is worth noting that we were heavily critical of its pacing and the density of its forensic investigations. Since the latter half of the series is much better than the glacial first, this doesn’t bode well for the drop-off rate, which is a vital metric for Netflix in deciding whether a show will be renewed or canceled.

Of course, the most important reviews are from the viewers, and thus far the sentiment seems to be positive:

Let us know in the comments below what you thought of the show.

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