Familia Ending Explained – Does Leo sell his olive ranch?

By Lori Meek
Published: December 16, 2023
Familia Ending Explained
Familia | Image via Netflix

The Netflix original Familia centers on Leo, a widowed patriarch and olive ranch owner, during a family gathering where he’s debating what to do with the property. Joining Leo for a meal surrounded by olive trees are his girlfriend, Clara, his three daughters, Rebecca, Julia, and Mariana, and his son, Benny. Also attending are Rebecca’s American husband and her two teenage kids, Julia’s daughter, Amanda, and Mariana’s girlfriend, Monica. All these fates are intertwined in the film’s ending, which addresses not just the future of the ranch but also how it will inform and intertwine with the future of everyone present. 

Leo wanted the whole family to meet because he needed their help deciding whether to accept an offer from a corporation to sell his ranch. While each of his children would get a chuck of the proceeds, they’re understandably reluctant to let go of their childhood home. As the film progresses, several interpersonal conflicts come to light.

Familia Ending Explained

After lunch, the three sisters spend some time catching up and reminiscing about their shared childhoods. Where Rebecca has a romanticized idea about their mother, the other two sisters are more realistic about their upbringing and flawed parents. 

Who is the father of Mariana’s baby?

Eventually, Rebecca and Julia convince Mariana to come clean about who got her pregnant. To their dismay, Mariana had an entanglement with a man named Meno, who owns a competing olive orchard, is her father’s age, and someone Leo has nothing but contempt for. 

Making matters worse, Mariana hasn’t even told Memo about her pregnancy. Before more deep-seated issues can come out, Monica, Clara, and the kids interrupt the three sisters. Julia and Mariana start asking Clara inappropriate questions about her relationship with Leo. We find out that the patriarch is very vigorous and creative when it comes to his… well, his conversational skills. 

When the night sets and the party comes to a close, most of the guests say their goodbyes to Leo. Before Rebecca leaves, the older man congratulates her on her new job in Chicago. As Mariana’s about to go, she tells her dad the baby’s gender and promises she’ll name him Leo. 

After their drive, Mariana asks Monica if she wants to continue their relationship after the baby is born. Monica asks for further clarification, but Mariana stares at her without saying a word. 

While queuing at the U.S. border, Rebecca starts talking to Dan about her complicated feelings towards her sister. The conversation quickly devolves into an argument when Rebecca criticizes her husband for not talking enough during the family meals. 

Back at the ranch, Clara asks Leo for a break in their relationship. She admits his “world” is a bit overwhelming and chaotic for her. 

How does Familia end?

Julia’s estranged husband calls her to say goodnight to Amanda. The little girl immediately tells her dad about the potential ranch sale and Julia’s plans to travel to Europe with her share of the money. 

Leo and Benny are spending the night outside in a tent. Benny confesses feeling left out by his three sisters as they all seem to have moved on with their lives and treat him like they would a nephew rather than a sibling. Leo reassures his son and promises to organize more frequent get-togethers for the family. 

When Leo walks out of the tent for a cigarette, he once again sees the ghost of his late wife, drawing an end to the narrative.

Does Leo sell his olive ranch in the end?

We never learn if Leo sold his ranch, but the final scene could be interpreted as his late wife’s ghost appearing to give him “permission” to move on from the home and the life they had built together. 

Familia’s ending is intentionally open-ended. We only get a snippet from these characters’ lives and, much like in the real world, none of the main conflicts get resolved by the time the credits roll.

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