Ray Trapani: What’s His Net Worth? Does He Have a Wife?

By Louie Fecou
Published: January 2, 2024 (Last updated: last month)
Ray Trapani: What's His Net Worth?
Ray Trapani in Bitconned | Image via Netflix

Bitconned is a Netflix documentary that explores a sordid tale of cryptocurrency fraud involving Ray Trapani and the company known as Centra Tech. A catalog of missteps and subterfuge involving co-founders who didn’t know the business or what they were doing but enjoyed living the high life, the scam led to a lot of people losing a lot of money, but Ray Trapani wasn’t one of them. While his true net worth is difficult to ascertain, it’s easy to assume that a slippery character like Trapani has kept many millions squirreled away for a rainy day — and he doesn’t do much to deny this in the documentary itself.

What is Ray Trapani’s Net Worth?

As you might expect with a figure like Trapani, his actual net worth is not readily available. However, we can have a look at his situation and have a darn good guess.

In Bitconned, Trapani openly admits that he was drawn to a path of criminality, so he’s unlikely to ever be honest about how much money he has or how he acquired it. His Centra Tech operation was able to raise an incredible amount of $32 million from gullible investors. After the trial, he was ordered to repay just under $3 million, leaving a lot of money unaccounted for.

Shortly after being handed zero jail time and a paltry fine, Trapani bought a house. When asked how he managed to do so, everyone involved in characteristically vague. In Trapani’s own words, “I told the FBI that there’s more money out there, you know? It’s up to them to find it.”

The implication is clear — there is plenty of money from the Centra Tech scandal hidden away. While Sam “Sorbee” Sharma, Trapani’s co-conspirator who was sentenced to eight years in prison, certainly has some of it, Ray probably has a fair share. It’s estimated that he has access to between $1-10 million, probably closer to the bigger number.

Ray Trapani

Ray Trapani getting started young waving around a wad of cash | Image via Netflix

Does Ray Trapani have a wife?

While Ray Trapani’s current marital status isn’t known, he was married in 2022 when he was “sentenced” and received no jail time. As depicted in the documentary, Ray met his wife, Kimberly “Kim” Marie Costanzo Trapani, in 2021 while he was out on bail but wearing an ankle bracelet. She was pregnant just a month after that, and they were married shortly after. On the day of Ray’s sentencing, their son Liam was born. Ray missed the birth due to his court appearance but did get to see his son on a video call while on his way to the hospital.

What is Ray Trapani doing now?

In the final scenes of the documentary, it is revealed that Ray plans to start a company called Cambridge & Brown. This business is aimed at “offering loans to ‘people in need’ at 50% interest.” The name of the company is made up of the two famous universities, which is probably a deliberate in-joke, since Ray Trapani’s LinkedIn page when he established Centra Tech claimed he was educated at Harvard — a background he completely made up.

Little information is available about this business at the time of writing. Perhaps Trapani is still working to get it off the ground. Or perhaps he can’t be trusted.


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