Role Play Ending Explained – How does Emma rescue her family from Gwen?

By Lori Meek
Published: January 12, 2024 (Last updated: last month)
Role Play Ending Explained
Role Play | Image via Prime Video


Role Play follows Emma, the paid assassin with a double life, and her clueless husband, David. After forgetting their seventh wedding anniversary, Emma proposes she and David play a sexy role-play game in an expensive hotel. Unfortunately for her, the romantic evening goes awry when a fellow assassin starts chatting her up, and with her true profession exposed, the action shifts to Europe, and the ending finds Emma’s family captives of her former mentor, Gwen.  

Despite Emma’s pleas not to search for her, David makes his way to Berlin. The two meet in a bar, where Emma tells her husband the truth about her upbringing and explains how she became a contract killer. 

Who trained Emma as an assassin?

When Emma was only a child, her special agent father was murdered, and she was taken in by his business partner, Gwen Carver. The woman trained Emma to become a paid assassin for her global conglomerate of killers, who may or may not be running the world. After meeting David seven years prior, Emma vowed to change her life and stay away from the dirty business. Unfortunately, she didn’t know how to do anything else with her life so she started freelancing.

The couple’s conversation is rudely interrupted by Gwen’s thugs, who overpower and sedate Emma and David. When she wakes up, she finds herself in a super secret compound. To Emma’s horror, Gwen even transferred Emma’s kids to her hiding place. Thankfully, the little ones have no idea how much danger they’re in, and the crime boss even gifted them an adorable puppy to keep them entertained. 

What does Gwen want?

It seems that all Gwen wants is for Emma to work for her again. While Gwen is willing to allow Emma to continue raising her kids, there’s no room for poor David in this little plan. Gwen orders Emma to kill her husband as this is the only way to save the kids’ lives. 

At first, it seems Emma agrees to the terms. She takes her husband out for a walk in the woods and asks him to hug her one last time before shooting him in the stomach. Of course, Emma is an expert shot who makes sure her husband’s injury is superficial enough, so she instructs Dave to play dead. By superficial enough, I mean David is likely to survive if he gets to the hospital in time. 

When one of Gwen’s lackeys approaches to “confirm the kill,” Emma kills her and leaves her body next to an injured and confused David. After killing the sniper who had been watching them in the woods, Emma frees David’s hands, and the two head back to the house. 

After instructing David to go spend some quality time with his children in the guesthouse, Emma goes after Gwen. However, the crime boss escapes while Emma fights and kills her other favorite assassin. 

How does Emma rescue her family from Gwen?

Gwen tries making a run for it through the woods, but her former mentee catches up with her. The two women exchange pleasantries while shooting at each other. A bullet eventually hits Gwen, but Emma refuses to finish her off. Instead, she heads to the guest house where weakened David is having a tea party with his children. 

Emma gathers a family and drives away with them in one of Gwen’s jeeps. Things are not perfect, as Caroline doesn’t have her car seat, and the kids aren’t thrilled at the prospect of German food. On the bright side, Emma did allow them to keep the puppy. 

We never see Gwen dying on screen, so a sequel is, unfortunately, not out of the question. 

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