Lift Ending Explained – How does Cyrus and his team defeat Jorgenson?

By Lori Meek
Published: January 13, 2024 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
Lift Ending Explained
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Lift (2024) follows Cyrus and his happy band of thieves as they plan to rob criminal mastermind Jorgenson of $500 million worth of gold. The evil villain plans on using the gold to pay for a deadly cyberattack, so Interpol recruits Cyrus for help. One of the agency’s operatives and Cyrus’s ex, Abby, finds herself forced to work with the group of criminals on this secretive mission. Let’s break down the ending and see if Cyrus and his team manage to keep the gold out of Jorgenson’s evil hands (of course they do.)

Despite Luke’s last-minute decision to skip the flight, the heist seems to be going well. The team succeeds at getting Camilla’s plane underneath the passenger aircraft undetected, and some quick thinking on Abby’s part helps them get the signal switched on in time. In Bruxelles, Harry plays his part with hilarious perfection, and the pilot agrees to redirect the flight from Zurich without question. Magnus starts working on opening the safe. 

Things start to go wrong when Jorgenson’s right-hand man, Cormac, and a few of his minions decide against allowing their flight to be redirected. The thugs brought homemade guns and were threatening the flight crew’s life. While Cyrus and Abby fight off the bad guys, Magnus opens the vault. 

The plane just about lands on the small runway in the Alps, as does Camilla in her private jet. Cormac and his men get the upper hand and take our heroes hostage.

Where is Cormac taking Cyrus and Abby? 

When Jorgenson hears about the attempt on his gold, he wants to meet the man who was brave enough to try and steal from him. Cormac takes Cyrus, Abby, and Camilla on the private jet towards their boss. 

As our team of thieves upgraded the private jet and made it virtually invisible to radars, it’s almost impossible for Interpol to track them. Thankfully, some reckless flight maneuvers on Camilla’s part help the plane free itself from a few stealth mods. 

Back on the runway, Magnus uses his quick wit to survive his execution. At the train station, Huxley plans on taking some extreme measures to ensure Jorgenson doesn’t get his hands on the gold. He wants NATO to shoot down the jet before it can land. 

How do Cyrus and Abby stop the fighter jets?

Thankfully, Cyrus and Abby manage to avert the NATO jets by using the plane’s LCD to let them know there are civilians on board. The two overpower Cormac and send him flying, while Camilla’s maneuvers put an end to the last remaining thug. 

As our heroes finally take back control of the plane, they are forced to land on Jorgenson’s estate. The criminal mastermind was waiting with a hacker representative, who arrived to pick up the cold. 

When the hacker realizes one of the strangers from the plane is Interpol, she tries to back down from Jorgenson’s deal. Angered, he kills her. 

How does Cyrus and his team defeat Jorgenson?

As he’s about to shoot Cyrus, local authorities arrive at the estate. But the crime boss tries claiming he’s just an innocent man trying to protect himself. That excuse doesn’t fly when Cyrus reveals that the little NFT camera captured Jorgenson murdering the hacker in cold blood. 

When she finds out about Huxley’s involvement with the NATO fighter jets, Abby quits her job, but not before punching her boss in the face. 

How does Lift (2024) end?

We then cut to several weeks later when Cyrus and Abby, now a couple, drive through a quaint road in the Alps. He reveals one final twist; The crew pulled off an even better heist than originally planned and they did manage to steal the gold. Luke never got cold feet, he just had a different job. 

The film ends with Abby, Cyrus, and the team celebrating their newfound wealth. 

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