Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn have moved on from their American Nightmare

By Louie Fecou
Published: January 17, 2024 (Last updated: 5 weeks ago)
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What happened to Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn? Where are they now?
Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn | Image credit: Pete Thompson

The Harrowing Netflix true crime documentary American Nightmare, from the same creative team that brought you The Tinder Swindler, tells the terrifying story of a kidnapping and assault that has left Americans stunned. The victims of the crime, Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn, were subjected to a nightmare that was so strange that police compared it to the film Gone Girl. The two seem to have moved on from their ordeal, as they’re alive and well and still married, but the story is an incredible one.

What happened to Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn?

The story behind the case involved the kidnapping of Denise from her home, with the authorities believing that the crime may have been staged and her husband Aaron may be behind it. Denise would eventually return home, but the media started to speculate that the situation had been fabricated by the couple and suspicions started to build.

The frightening story would begin in March of 2015, when the house the couple lived in was broken into and Aaron was blindfolded and restrained with sedatives while Denise was abducted. A text message from the perpetrators would demand a ransom, with a warning not to involve the police. Aaron of course did report the crime, but the Vallejo officers doubted his story, questioning him for hours about the relationship of the couple and implying he knew more than he was telling.

Aaron would hire a lawyer to help in the situation that was escalating into a complete nightmare. Two days later Denise would reappear, but the media would continue to suggest the situation had been arranged. Eventually, the investigation would uncover a suspect and Matthew Muller was arrested for the assault and abduction, and the couple could face the media with their story.

Eventually, they would write a book telling of the events and would appear on TV answering questions in the hope of setting the record straight. A lawsuit against the police would be settled out of court in 2018, and the couple would receive 2.5 million dollars in compensation. The couple would be engaged in 2017, and married in 2018.

Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn

Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn | Image credit: Chloe Aftel

Where are Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn now?

The couple are still married and have a daughter, who Denise said was born five years to the day that she was released by her kidnapper. They have somehow managed to move on after the horrific ordeal.

What is the Netflix series American Nightmare about?

The three-part series covers the events that surrounded the case and includes interviews with many of the people who were involved. The couple features heavily in the series, as do the FBI agents who finally caught the man responsible.

The series also touches on the nature of society to judge way too quickly and presents a situation where law enforcement decides a story is false before even considering the evidence. The moral implications of the events are as much a focal point as the crimes themselves.

Why was Denise Huskins’ kidnapping compared to Gone Girl?

The case was compared to Gone Girl, as it evoked comparisons with the book and film of the same name, which involved a kidnapped woman, and the implication that she may have staged the crime herself.

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