Everything you need to know about Amanda Jonegard from Love is Blind: Sweden

By Louie Fecou
Published: January 18, 2024 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Who is Amanda Jonegard in Love is Blind: Sweden? Explained
Amanda Jonegard | Image via Netflix

Love is Blind: Sweden features another collection of hopeful singles who are looking for love from the safety of their pod, and one of them is Amanda Jonegard. The devout Christian hails from Stockholm and partnered up with Sergio in the first season of the latest international spin-off, but information about her personal life isn’t widely available.

Who is Amanda Jonegard in Love is Blind: Sweden?

Surprisingly, not too much is revealed about Amanda on the show, and now that filming has finished and the show is on air, there is still very little about Amanda to reveal.

We do know that she studied to be an economist, and the popular player hails from Stockholm in Sweden. We also learn that Amanda is a Christian. When she meets Sergio she explains, “I’m a Christian. I usually bring it up anyway and it’s something I hope you don’t get different about.” She also later reveals that her father is a pastor.

Apart from that there is not too much more about Amanda that we can explore as she seems to prefer a more private life.

How old is Amanda Jonegard?

In her biography for the show, it states that Amanda is thirty-four years old.

Amanda Jonegard’s Journey in Love is Blind: Sweden

Amanda would become interested in Sergio early on in the show, and the two would quickly hit it off, sharing a sense of humor. Sergio had his eye on a couple of other prospective partners, but eventually, he decided that Amanda was the one for him, gifting her with a bracelet. This led Amanda to open up about her life, explaining how she suffered as a child with scoliosis, and the bullying that she endured because of the condition.

Despite some initial concern that he would not find her physically attractive, Sergio eventually proposed to Amanda, and the pair would meet, but Sergio was disappointed to notice that she was not wearing the bracelet he had given her. Amanda also neglected to offer up an engagement ring to Sergio, something that also irked him. However, Amanda would go on to say that she would much prefer to give him a ring when they were together at the altar.

This rocky start continued as they vacationed together, and some cracks began to show, with Sergio feeling Amanda was not doing enough to push the relationship forward.


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Are Amanda and Sergio still together?

At the time of writing, there are only four episodes of the series available, so we are unsure if the pair stay together. As far as their social media is concerned, there is very little to go on, which could mean that they have split up or that information is deliberately being kept scarce to avoid spoilers.

It is worth noting that although Amanda still follows Sergio on Instagram, he does not follow her back. Maybe it’s because she is not very active on the platform, so we will not jump to conclusions just now.


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