Griselda Blanco was worth $2 billion at the peak of her powers

By Louie Fecou
Published: January 25, 2024 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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What was Griselda Blanco's Net Worth? 'Cocaine Godmother' Wealth Explained
Griselda | Image via Netflix

Griselda is inspired by real-life events and tells the story of Griselda Blanco’s rise to power as the “Cocaine Godmother”. But what do a real drug lord — or lady’s — financials actually look like? Given that Griselda Blanco’s net worth at the time of her death totaled several hundred million dollars, I’d say they look pretty good indeed.

What was Griselda Blanco’s Net Worth at the time of her death?

Griselda Blanco’s net worth has been reported in excess of five hundred million dollars. I imagine that you are just as surprised as me at this, but Griselda would go on to amass a huge real estate portfolio that included hundreds of houses and apartments, including some very high-end residencies, one of which was valued at over thirty-two million dollars.

Shockingly, it is also estimated that her finances were even greater.

How did Griselda Blanco attain her wealth and assets?

Griselda was a major player in the cocaine trade, and throughout the 1970s and 80s, she would ally herself with the Medellin Cartel, and was responsible for producing and distributing huge amounts of cocaine. This led to her making an unimaginable income.

It was reported that she would make as much as eighty million dollars a month at the height of her power.

Griselda Blanco was worth $2 billion at her peak

Griselda Blanco | Image via Magnolia Pictures/Rakontur

What was Griselda Blanco’s wealth at the peak of her activities?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Griselda would own hundreds of millions of dollars in property and real estate, and along with her drug business, at her peak, she was worth two billion dollars.

Was Griselda Blanco married?

Griselda Blanco married a total of three times, as well as being known for having many romantic liaisons. She is also allegedly responsible for the death of all three of her husbands.

Her first husband was Carlos Trujillo and they married when Griselda was only a teen. He was the father of three of her children, and after divorcing him, she arranged to have him killed over a “business dispute”. After discovering her second husband, Alberto Bravo, allegedly stole money from her, the two would engage in a gun battle that resulted in Griselda killing the man.

Her third husband was Dario Sepulveda and she had him murdered when they ended up in a custody battle.

How did Griselda Blanco die?

Griselda was with her pregnant daughter-in-law when she was murdered. The pair were leaving a butcher’s shop at the time of the attack. Two assassins would drive by on a motorcycle and shoot the woman twice in the head. Ironically, this style of hit was often used by Griselda herself when dealing with enemies.

After the shooting, she was rushed to the hospital but died on the way there. Her daughter-in-law was not harmed in the attack. To this day, it is still not known who was behind the attack, but to be fair, there was probably a long list of suspects. Griselda was sixty-nine years old when she was killed.

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