Griselda Season 1 Episode 1 Recap – Why does Griselda move to Miami?

By Adam Lock
Published: January 25, 2024 (Last updated: 5 weeks ago)
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Griselda Season 1 Episode 1 Recap
Griselda. Sofia Vergara as Griselda in episode 101 of Griselda. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023




Griselda is a fast-paced and heartfelt crime drama series, spearheaded by a fascinating performance from Sofia Vergara. The character of Griselda is complex and yet likable, with the writers building sympathy in the opening installment through her truly horrific backstory.

The TV and film industry has long been glamorizing the drug trafficking crime world, but in Netflix’s new miniseries Griselda, the industry hopes to tell a slightly different side to that story, one where we are to sympathize with our drug lord or in this case, drug lady. Season 1 opens with Episode 1, “Lady Comes to Town,” exploring the tale of how the notorious Colombian criminal came to live in Miami and how she planned to change her fortune in the States.

The season premiere begins in Medellin, Colombia, 1978. Griselda returns home, bleeding from a fresh, deep cut on her side. She calls her old friend Carmen, asking if she can stay with them in Miami. Griselda is desperate to escape her home country after an argument with her abusive second husband, Alberto, and she hopes that she can rely on her old friend in America.

Griselda and her three sons pack for America that night, catching the next available flight to Miami. This close-knit family is given a spare room at Carmen’s crowded house. Griselda tells Carmen that she is getting a divorce after an argument with her husband. Carmen offers her work at her very own travel agency in the meantime, to get her back on her feet.

After accepting this job offer, Griselda promises that she is leaving the drug trade behind, she wants to start her very own business just like Carmen in the US. But first she has one last kilo of cocaine to get rid of, which she has smuggled into the country.

Who is Amilcar?

She heads to the hallowed hotel Mutiny, where she hopes to sell this kilo of coke. Griselda lands a meeting with the area’s top drug dealer, Amilcar, although he is more interested in quantity than the quality of the drugs. Griselda is swiftly rejected and heads back to her rental car.

Here she is attacked by one of Amilcar’s acquaintances, a lowlife called Johnny. The man points a gun at Griselda and steals the kilo of coke from her before she can fight back. Johnny takes the drugs and runs. Griselda now has no house, no money, and no future prospects.

Why did Griselda leave Colombia?

As Griselda ponders her next move we are treated to a flashback sequence, which explains why she originally left Colombia and her husband. Griselda’s husband Alberto was in financial trouble with his brother Fernando. The only way to get out of this debt was if Griselda would spend one night with Fernando.

Griselda was heartbroken that Alberto would even consider this an option, but she felt compelled to keep her family safe and financially secure. Griselda was forced into this horrid situation, to sleep with Fernando.

Back in the show’s present, Griselda finds her fighting spirit. She stalks Johnny and reclaims her drugs, beating the man in the street with a baseball bat. Griselda orders Johnny to organize a meeting for her with another drug dealer. She still wants to sell her kilo of coke, but not to Amilcar.

Johnny turns up at Griselda’s new work, announcing to Carmen that she’s selling drugs still. Carmen sacks her on the spot and orders her to leave her house, she is not welcome there anymore. Griselda apologizes, admitting that she needs to provide for her family, no matter what. Carmen cannot understand Griselda — she’s offered her a job and a place to stay, but Griselda has bigger dreams.

Who does Griselda sell her drugs to?

Griselda prepares for her big meeting. She hires a dishwasher named Chucho to be her bodyguard and then rents a fancy, new car. Griselda negotiates a deal with the drug dealer Eddie. He pays her $20k for the drugs and they celebrate with a little dance.

This celebration is short-lived though, a man enters Eddie’s establishment and starts to gun down Eddie and his men. Griselda finds herself caught in the middle of a shootout. One of Amilcar’s men (Rivi) then steals the kilo of coke. Griselda manages to keep her payment though and escapes. Chucho is injured in the gunfight but survives the ordeal.

In a second flashback, we pick up with Griselda after her night spent with Fernando. Griselda meets up with her husband Alberto afterward. He is jealous of Fernando and worried that Griselda enjoyed the encounter. This is the final straw for Griselda; she argues with Alberto and announces that she is leaving him.

Why does Griselda move to Miami?

The couple continue their argument in the parking lot. Griselda draws a gun on Alberto, shooting him and his colleague in quick succession. This explains how Griselda received her injury. She was shot by Alberto’s colleague in the skirmish. Griselda killed her husband and then fled the scene of the crime. This clarifies why Griselda fled the country, she was wanted for murder.

How does Griselda Season 1 Episode 1 end?

Back in the present, Griselda heads right back to Amilcar’s to confront the drug dealer. She accepts that the kilo of coke is not hers anymore, but makes a different offer instead. Griselda wants to work with Amilcar as his main supplier.

Amilcar tries Griselda’s coke and is impressed with the quality of the product. He proposes that Griselda can be his supplier if she can double his order next month. The two shake hands on the deal. Griselda has managed to make some decent money and has acquired a new boss. Not a bad first few days in America.

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