Griselda Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – How does Griselda start a war with the Ochoas? 

By Adam Lock
Published: January 25, 2024 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Griselda Season 1 Episode 4 Recap
Griselda. Sofia Vergara as Griselda in episode 104 of Griselda. Cr. Elizabeth Morris/Netflix © 2023




“Middle Management” is a brutal and cinematic offering from Griselda, focusing on the war between the Godmother’s operation and the Ochoas. The series fully commits and enters the gangster genre, providing action-packed drama and many twists and turns.

It’s all-out war in Episode 4 of Netflix’s Griselda. In “Middle Management,” Griselda builds herself an army and the power goes straight to her head. She wants revenge for losing her territory and plans to take over Rafa and the Ochoa family’s operation in retaliation. It’s a brutal installment with Season 1 entering into the gangster realm with plenty of deaths and deadly strategies implemented.

“Middle Management” opens with the launch of a new elite tactical unit called CENTAC, designed to crack down on the drug epidemic in Miami, Florida. Detective Raul Diaz is placed in charge of this task force and June Hawkins works alongside him as they hunt this new female Narco.

Griselda plans to win back her territory by hitting Rafa and the Ochoas where it hurts. She joins forces with the Cuban immigrants known as the Marielitos. Her first task is assassinating those who wronged her.

How does Griselda get her revenge?

Dario and his recruits kill German Panesso in public with relentless gunfire, whilst Chucho and Rigo set off a bomb at Papo’s home. Dario returns to Griselda’s safe house to tell her the good news. Rafa then finds out about the deaths on the evening news. June and Diaz investigate the crime scene later that day.

Griselda then meets with Rafa to take back her territory. Rafa has bad news for Griselda though, Papo is still alive, having survived the explosion. His father died in the blast, but Papo escaped unharmed. Papo is still in charge in Rafa’s eyes. Rafa orders Griselda to leave Miami before she is killed herself.

How does Papo retaliate?

Worried that Griselda’s people will be targeted next, Dario heads over to a party to warn Isabel, Carla, and Rigo. Dario is too late though; he arrives to find the house on fire and their three bodies on the lawn. Isabel, Carla, and Rigo have been killed and decapitated by Papo’s goons. June and Diaz inspect this crime scene later. She notices the tattoos on Rigo’s corpse, realizing that he is a Marielito.

Word spreads of Rigo’s death and his mother Esmeralda arrives at Griselda’s safe house with her nephew, Miguelito. Griselda apologizes for Rigo’s death but swears she will seek his revenge. She wants to be the one to kill the people who did this herself though.

Rivi helps them track down Papo’s men and they storm the building. Griselda shoots Papo’s lead goon in the head. She is spotted by a neighbor though. This witness is questioned by June afterward. He describes Griselda to the cop. June is starting to believe that a female Narco is behind all this death and destruction. She quickly pieces together Griselda plans to take over the Ochoas’ empire. They question a snitch and finally have a name to go with their lead suspect.

After this latest killing, Griselda meets with the Marielito gang. She promises them respect and wealth if they are to follow her. Griselda has gained a new army now, who will protect her and her family. With her new army by her side, Griselda targets all of the Ochoa family’s drops.

How does Griselda start a war with the Ochoas?

Griselda has started a war with the Ochoas now. She steals all of their drugs so that they cannot sell any cocaine in the Miami area. Griselda and the Marielitos celebrate. Dario worries about Griselda, who is becoming power-mad and out of control.

Rafa phones Griselda to reclaim his stolen coke. He offers Griselda her territory back in return for all his lost product. Griselda asks for time to think over her response. Dario and Arturo plead with her to stop the war, but Griselda is unsure. The power has most definitely gone to her head now. It’s also revealed that she is pregnant with Dario’s child. Dario worries about her safety and sanity.

Who kills Papo Mejia?

Ignoring Dario’s advice, Griselda starts to lose the plot. She burns all of Rafa’s cocaine. Griselda then orders Miguelito to go and kill Papo, handing him a sword to finish off the job. Miguelito kills Papo in Miami airport, attempting to remove the drug dealer’s head, finally getting his revenge.

How does Griselda Season 1 Episode 4 end? Why is Arturo murdered?

Griselda and Rafa speak once again. Rafa is confused, having given Griselda exactly what she asked for. Griselda admits that she wants the entire city now. She orders Rafa to tell Fabio Ochoa that the cartel does not sell in Miami unless they go through her. Rafa takes Griselda’s demands and organizes a meeting between her and Fabio.

They meet at a swanky hotel. Fabio admits that he is impressed with Griselda’s operation. He agrees to her request. All of the Ochoas’ operations and product will run through Griselda now. There is of course a slight snag to this victory. Rafa shoots Arturo in the head seconds after the agreement. This is a warning to Griselda, not to mess with the Ochoas ever again.

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