Delicious in Dungeon Season 1 Episode 8 Recap – What is an Undine?

By Nubia Brice
Published: February 22, 2024 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Delicious in Dungeon Season 1 Episode 8 Recap
Delicious in Dungeon | Image via Netflix


An exciting episode that manages to slip in a lot of useful information and character backstories without detracting from the main plot or characters.

It’s clear there’s never a shortage of delicious meals or danger when it comes to the dungeon, especially after the party’s almost deadly encounter with the fourth floor’s Kraken. However, with the giant sea monster defeated and balance restored, Episode 8 of Delicious in Dungeon Season 1 continues Laios’ journey to save his sister before it’s too late. Considering the dungeon only seems to get more dangerous the deeper they travel, it’s safe to assume they’ll encounter far worse beasts before they find her.

Delicious in Dungeon Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

The episode opens with the party letting Laios sleep after his parasite food poisoning. As they wait, Marcille tells the group how dungeons are made and what she learned in school.

During her story, Marcille remembers meeting Falin for the first time and makes note of her school project despite their other classmates calling her strange. When Falin’s project thrives, Marcille asks her how she did it, and Falin takes her to explore a real dungeon for the first time.

When Laios awakens, the group decides on a plan to find and face the Red Dragon. Chilchuck estimates it will take two days to get there.

Before setting out, Marcille requests to wash up using a pot of boiling water and a cloth. Once finished, she dumps her leftover water back into the dungeon’s water, only for an Undine to pop out and attack her.

What is an Undine?

An undine is a cluster of sentient water spirits that form together to make a living mass like a ball of water. It is capable of attacking but seems to dislike heat, so Chilchuck encourages Senshi to make a fire to use against it.

Marcille attempts to fight and dodge the Undine, but she is hit as her water-walking spell finally begins to wear off. Laios manages to grab her from the water just in time, but the Undine retaliates by growing bigger. Instead of fighting, Laios has them run and hide instead.

With Marcille injured and out of magic, the group has no choice but to stay in hiding until another group of adventurers with healing magic pass by. However, all they have to trade is Kelpie meat, which they doubt anyone wants.

Suddenly, Laios asks Senshi if he remembered to save the Kelpie’s liver, to which Senshi replies he did.

How does Delicious in Dungeon Season 1 Episode 8 end?

Senshi grills various cuts of Kelpie meat and liver, which they begin to feast on. It helps Marcille’s energy but does nothing to restore her mana.

A passing party smells the grilling meat and is curious about who would done such a thing in this part of the dungeon.

Episode 8 truly illustrates how even when this series isn’t focused on the dungeon or monster hunting, it still manages to entertain with a gripping character-driven narrative that expands on the lore, drives the plot forward, and teaches you vital information about the characters without directly telling you. It’s a commendable feat of storytelling that not all shows are capable of, but translates very well to the fantasy genre.

This episode displays those skills well, as we get the chance to learn more about Marcille, who in turn shows viewers just how similar Falin and Laios are even before we’ve had the opportunity to officially meet her.

In a series with this much plot, backstory, and lore to follow, the constant flow of new information never feels confusing or overwhelming. It allows viewers to follow along and be guided without just holding their hands and shoving the information at them.

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