Here’s everything that happened in Firefly Lane Season 2 Episodes 10-16

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 29, 2024 (Last updated: May 16, 2024)
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Firefly Lane Season 2 Episodes 1-10 Recap
Firefly Lane Season 2 (Credit - Netflix)

Emotions run high in Firefly Lane, and Season 2 brings a sense of dread and sadness – the sweet, comforting, but heartbreaking story comes to an end, so I’ve put together a recap of episodes 10-16, breaking down all the key plot points. Warning, spoilers ahead, and upsetting moments.

Episode 10 – “All the World’s a Stage”

Episode 10 opens in the past, with teenagers Tully and Kate playing “truth or dare.” However, the scene merges with the present, and Kate reminds Tully that they fell out and are no longer friends. In the present day, Kate is in the hospital, receiving chemotherapy for the aggressive cancer she has been diagnosed with. Johnny is with her. When she returns home, Kate is tired of resting and wants to help with the house. Johnny is concerned that she’s pushing herself too hard.

With all the exhaustion from treatment, Kate misses Tully — she leaves her a voicemail to attempt to reconnect. As the episode progresses, Kate loses her hair while in the shower. It’s an emotional moment for Kate, who is starting to see the unflattering effects of chemotherapy.

Episode 10 eventually pivots to Tully. She’s recording a documentary on Global Warming in Antarctica. It’s a lonely job experiencing the extreme parts of the world, and she tells a colleague she has no one to contact.

Tully opens up – she misses Kate.

In the past, Kate returns home from traveling in Europe and is gushing about her romance with Theo. However, she’s still thinking about Johnny, and Tully scolds her for it. And then Kate bumps into Johnny. He enquires about her trip.

Afterward, Tully is passionate about women’s equality in job interviews after Kate complains about a job opportunity. She wants to do a scoop and show the double standards in interviewing men and women. Tully asks Kate to go undercover and take part in various interviews.

In the past, at Kate’s “Welcome Back” party, Kate’s parents meet Theo. They tell Kate they love Theo and are glad she got rid of Johnny, which seems to irk her. And then, Johnny turns up to the party — he wanted an excuse to tell her (to her face) that she has her job back.

And then, in a surprising moment, Theo proposes to Kate in front of everyone. Johnny looks devastated as Kate says, “Yes.” He walks out, and Kate notices.

At the same party, an obsessed fan called Howard turns up after he stalks her. Tully is frightened and asks him to leave. Howard gets frustrated, and he attacks her. Theo tackles him to the floor.

In the past, a young Tully and Kate are encouraged to audition for the stage play Romeo and Juliet, but Tully does not want to participate. Kate wants to.Tully supports Kate at the audition. However, Kate fumbles. She’s too nervous to perform and profusely sweats. However, Kate does not get the role of Juliet, and despite Tully barely putting in an effort, she gets the role. Tully confronts her English teacher about it, but he explains that she likes the spotlight, which is why he gave it to her.

In the past, a young Kate is found hiding backstage by one of the students, Coop, who has the role of Romeo. Kate helps Coop interpret the script of Romeo and Juliet, leading to them kissing each other. Coop then leaves as Tully arrives. Kate feels on top of the world after that random kiss.

In the present, Tully flies to Chile. She likes the experience of jumping from country to country. And then Tully turns on her phone after not using it for months. She sees the number of missed calls from Kate and is surprised.

As episode 10 ends, Tully turns up at Kate’s house. Johnny answers the door, and Tully explains that Kate called her. Tully reaches Kate’s bedroom and sees her best friend, bald and frail from her battle with cancer. If your eyes haven’t welled up yet, they will now.

Episode 11 – “The Breast Is Yet to Come”

Firefly Lane Season 2 Recap

Katie and Tully in Firefly Lane (Image Credit – Netflix)

Episode 11 opens in the present. Tully and Kate argue with each other playfully. Kate explains that she has an aggressive form of breast cancer and opens up to Tully about how scared she is. Tully understands how to handle the situation immediately and makes Kate laugh, just like she always does.

The next day, Kate apologizes to Johnny for their sexless relationship. She feels better and wants to try and have sex again. The couple enjoys intimacy for the first time in months, but then Kate feels insecure about her appearance. They decide to take it slow and pause.

In the past, Kate becomes accustomed to being a first-time mother as she soothes her crying baby. However, her baby will not stop crying, and Johnny keeps trying to give advice. However, the couple argues about breastfeeding the baby or using formula milk.

In the past, teenage Kate is trying to keep up with her appearances after her good kiss with Coop. She continues to gloat over her moment with him. She makes sure her bra is fitted properly and stuffs it with toilet roll. At the Romeo and Juliet rehearsals, Kate is a little thrown that Coop barely acknowledges her at first, but eventually, she gets a smile from him. During rehearsing, Tully barely puts in an effort. The teacher asks for more energy — he tells Tully to act like Juliet and for Coop to act like Romeo and pretend to be in love.

Coop and Kate sneak off to the costume room and hook up. Coop tells her that he wants to keep things secret between them as he’s gone through a recent breakup. He claims he’s never felt this way about anyone.

In the present, Tully finds Danny in her apartment eating Cheetos on her sofa. Danny had her apartment keys and promised to look after her place. Tully was naked, so it was awkward between them. Later, when Danny is more spruced up, he speaks to Tully again. He’s a little upset that she did not tell her that she was back. Tully apologizes but then gets tearful. As she’s about to explain about Kate’s cancer, Danny’s partner interrupts them.

Kate goes for a check-up, and she is told that the chemotherapy has been positive, and the doctor states that the reconstruction will happen in 6-12 months. The doctor tells her that losing a breast can be emotional, but Kate tries brushing it off.  Later, Tully has a small party with Kate to celebrate her progress with her treatment. Kate worries that she’ll be different after reconstruction surgery, but Tully assures her that she will not.

In the past, Tully tells Kate that her breasts are smaller because she’s wearing a minimizer due to the network’s demands. She reassures her about breastfeeding and tells her that it will not be bad if she moves to formula.

In the present, Tully and Kate look at the sculptures of their breasts. Kate is understandably emotional as she looks at hers; she’s realized how beautiful hers are after disregarding them for years.

When Tully returns home, she tells Danny that Kate has aggressive stage 3 cancer. Tully cries and admits that she’s afraid her best friend will die, but she cannot show Kate her true emotions. Danny consoles her and suggests that they drink wine and watch horror movies.

In the past, teenage Kate tells Tully about her experience with Coop in the costume room. Publically, Coop scoffs and denies hooking up with Kate, which hurts her.

The episode ends in the present, with Kate finally finding the confidence to be intimate with Johnny in the shower. And then, the episode moves to Kate readying for surgery. She looks sad and anxious. The title screen “Ten Years Later” pops up. They are at a wedding. Johnny is waiting for the bride, and it’s implied it is Tully.

Episode 12 – “Time After Time”

Firefly Lane Season 2 Recap

Firefly Lane (Credit – Netflix)

Episode 12 opens in the past. Tully is delivering a news report about how waiting for a husband later in life is not something women should do, as men do not want to marry single women over 35 Her colleague, Carol, confronts her after and wonders what fact-checking she did about “women over 35.” She tells Tully that she hopes that the story she is reporting is true.

Afterward, Kate tells Tully she wants to get her wedding planned with Theo. Johnny overhears, and he continues to be heartbroken.

Later, Tully doubts her reporting on the study of “women over 35.” She tells Kate she wants to announce a retraction. And so she does — Tully tells her audience that the study on “single women over 35” was wrong.

In the past, teenager Tully tells Kate that she has a connection with their teacher, Sam. Kate explains how she could get expelled, and Sam fired, but Tully tells her she does not plan on getting caught.

Tully confronts Kate about Coop — she’s not happy that Coop does not want them to be public. Tully then brings up the English teacher again and how she feels she will make a move on him.

After rehearsal and when all students have left, Tully asks her teacher Sam to stay behind and practice lines with her.

Teenage Kate and Coop keep on hooking up in secret. She finally presses Coop about their secret relationship – she gets upset, realizing that he doesn’t want people to know about them. Coop talks about the pressure he’s under every day and hates being in the limelight.

Coop admits that he can be himself around Kate. After this admission, Lisa-Karen from school catches them kissing and thinks it’s super cool. The girl promises to keep it a secret.

In the present, Kate and Johnny head to a reunion at the network they used to work at. Kate is wearing a stylish wig. Tully arrives with Danny. It’s nostalgic for all the characters as they bump into old colleagues.

Johnny reminisces about where he and Kate used to hook up in the office, especially when they were on ecstasy. They argue about who initiated a kiss between them when Kate was engaged to Theo and want to find evidence using past tapes recordings.

Meanwhile, Danny opens up to Tully about his relationship with his partner and how they are struggling. He’s not sure if they are ready to be married. Danny then learns that Tully used to be married, which shocks him. Tully tells Daniel that there will never be a perfect time to be married — she tells him to go for it.

Tully catches up with Carol in the bathroom — Carol tells Tully that she doesn’t like seeing her hide her talents by making Global Warming documentaries. She believes that reporting about women is better for her. Tully tells Kate about what Carol said about “wasting her talent.” Tully admits she does enjoy having a large platform and that Carol is right — she wants to host a talk show again.

In the present, at the party, they find a tape showing a kiss between Kate and Johnny. However, the camera moves away just before the kiss, meaning they never discover the truth. Kate is adamant Johnny made the move first.

In the past, Kate speaks to Johnny in his office. Kate believes Johnny is worried about losing his job, but he’s upset that he’s lost the watch that Kate bought for his birthday. Johnny is upset that Kate is getting married. Kate realizing Johnny still has feelings, kisses him. Kate kissed Johnny first when she was engaged to Theo.

In the past, teenage Tully and her teacher practice their lines. As she’s about to make her move, Sam rejects her and explains that he’s an adult and she’s a child. Sam tells her that he does not see her in a romantic way.

Tully speaks to Kate about it — she’s devastated that Sam does not want her.

In the present, Danny and Tully drink wine again after the party. Danny shows he still has feelings for Tully and gives her a longing look. Tully breaks the moment and ends their night. Danny and Tully both have feelings for each other.

As the episode ends in the present, Johnny and Kate continue to argue about who kissed who. Kate is adamant that she wouldn’t have done that to Theo. Despite Johnny, deep down, knowing the truth, he agrees with Kate.

And then, Tully calls Kate. Tully admits she still loves Danny. Kate tells her to go for it and not let Danny get away. Tully bumps into Danny and his partner. It’s revealed that Danny has proposed to his girlfriend. Tully is heartbroken.

Episode 13 – “Can’t Fight This Feeling”

Firefly Lane Season 2 Recap

Firefly Lane Season 2 (Image Credit – Netflix)

Episode 13 opens up in 2016 in the future. We are back to the ending of Episode 11. Marah is getting married, and Tully is prepping her veil. There’s no Kate. The series implies that she is no longer alive.

The episode then moves to ten years earlier. Tully is planning Kate’s bachelorette party. Kate reveals that Marah is planning her bachelorette party. Tully is upset that 1) she will not be in charge of the party and 2) there will be no bridesmaids.

In the past, Coop and Kate continue to hook up in private places. Coop admits to Kate that he’s had a crush on her since ninth grade. They get steamy in the car.

The series then moves to the time when Kate was with Theo. They talk about their wedding and the plans they have. However, Kate cannot stop thinking about Johnny and their kiss in the office.

Later on, Johnny confronts Kate and tells her he still loves her. Kate tells Johnny she doesn’t care and calls him an “arsehole.” She calls Theo a good man, and they get angry at each other. Anger leads to passion as they hook up with each other and have sex. Kate is immediately regretful after the sex, calling herself an “adulteress.”

While Johnny is in the shower, Theo believes Kate is in there, so he goes to surprise her. He strips himself naked and enters the shower. Shocked at seeing a naked Johnny in the shower with him, Theo hurts himself accidentally and loses a testicle. In the aftermath, Theo and Kate break up.

Kate tells Johnny to leave. She feels like a bad person because of him.

In the present, Tully and Marah throw Kate a surprise bridal party. Kate’s mother tells Kate that she’s relieved that she’s all clear on the cancer. At the party, the women reminisce about Lisa-Karen, the woman that teenager Kate used to work with at the diner. She died.

And then, Kate is angry that Tully drove Marah to the bridal party, especially after the car accident.

Everyone sees how angry Kate is, so Tully leaves. She believes Kate does not want her anymore now the cancer is gone. As she leaves, Kate’s mother asks Tully if she has forgiven her daughter for abandoning her for a year.

A flashback to the past reveals that Cloud told teenagers, Kate and Tully that Lisa-Karen was struck by lightning outside of work. Kate realizes this was when she was hooking up with Coop in the car park outside when she decided to leave work early. Kate and Tully are devastated.

At school, everyone reminisces about Lisa-Karen. Kate listens intently and believes everyone uses her death to be more popular. She accuses the students of hating Lisa-Karen.

Tully tries to calm Kate down — she tells her she was not friends with Lisa-Karen either, but she’s sad too, as they are not meant to die this young. Kate tells Tully she was a bitch to Lisa-Karen, too, and walks away.

Later on, Coop heads to Kate’s house and comforts her. Tully heads over, so Coop has to swiftly leave. Tully tells Kate she isn’t angry at her and understands that she’s sad. Tully refuses to leave despite Kate being angry at her.

Kate blames herself for Lisa-Karen’s death because she decided to leave work early and hook up with Coop instead of finishing the shift. She thinks she should have died that night. The best friends hug it, showing that nothing has changed, past and present.

In the present day, Tully tells Kate that she’s mad at her — she explains that when Kate got sick, she put everything aside and was there for her. She knows she put Marah in danger, but she’s angry because Kate and everyone else abandoned her. Tully admits she doesn’t know how to forgive Kate. Tully wishes Kate could see that she’s no longer the same person. Kate repeats the same statement back. The best friends hug it out.

In the past, Kate tells Tully that her engagement with Theo is off, and she explains what happened. Tully is laughing because Theo lost one of his testicles. Kate tells Tully that she does not want to love Johnny because they want different things.

Johnny calls, and Tully answers it. He tells Tully that he and Kate must stop pretending they do not belong together. Tully puts Johnny on speakerphone so Kate can listen. Johnny then shows up at the house and proposes to Kate. She doesn’t even hesitate. She says, “Yes.”

In the present, Danny shows up at Tully’s apartment. He asks Tully to be his “best woman” at his wedding. Tully accepts.

As the episode ends, the doctor rings Kate. She’s concerned with her X-Rays and wants her to come in to do a PET scan ASAP.

Episode 14 – “I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On”

Firefly Lane Season 2 Recap

Firefly Lane (Credit – Netflix)

Episode 14 opens in the past with the teens partaking in the Romeo and Juliet rehearsals. Tully plays Juliet while Kate watches on. Afterward, Coop and Kate share a kiss secretly. As Coop is about to ask Kate about the Prom, Tully interrupts them. Kate assumes that Coop was going to ask her to go with him. Tully explains that she doesn’t want to go to the Prom. It’s not her thing.

Again, in the past, Tully delivers a speech at a pre-wedding meal for Johnny and Kate. Her speech highlights the bond Tully has with Kate. At the same dinner, Kate’s brother Sean delivers a speech, too, praising his sister. And then, Kate’s parents make an awkward speech, clearly not happy with who Kate is marrying.

In the present, there is another rehearsal dinner meal. Tully and Danny cannot stop flirting with each other. Marah delivers a speech, and she declares how happy she is for her parents. Struggling with her cancer, Kate goes to the bathroom to take some medication.

After the rehearsal dinner, Danny’s fiance, Celeste, confronts Tully and tells her she has felt insecure since being engaged. Tully tells her she shouldn’t be insecure and that she’s amazing. In a surprising moment, Danny’s fiance kisses Tully.  Afterward, Tully tells Kate that she’s unsure whether to tell Danny. Kate sees the funny side to it.

In the past, Danny shows up as a guest at Kate and Johnny’s wedding, and Tully is happy.

Kate’s mother tells the other women that Johnny is a rebound and suggests that the wedding may be a mistake. Kate argues Johnny’s corner and explains that Theo is not the right man for her. Kate gets flustered by the casualness of the women, doubting her relationship with Johnny.

Meanwhile, Kate’s father tells Johnny that he does not trust him because he’s hurt his daughter in the past. He explains why he’s hard on him. Johnny assures the father that he’s in it for the long haul and that he will show him over time.

In the present, Danny also shows up at Kate and Johnny’s wedding. Danny asks Tully if Celeste has been acting weird, but she’s unsure of what to say. Meanwhile, Kate collapses in the bathroom. Johnny finds her, and she’s in pain, needing her medication.

In the present, Johnny is distraught to learn that Kate’s cancer has returned. Kate tells him she didn’t tell him because she wanted their wedding day to be perfect.

Afterward, Tully tells Kate that she’s planned a trip for them to Paris to celebrate her recovery. Tully does not know that Kate has cancer again.

In the past, Coop tells Kate before the Romeo and Juliet play that he cannot take her to the Prom. Kate is understandably devastated as Tully watches on. During the play, Tully’s mother, Cloud, is a distraction, shouting from the audience — she’s high. They have to take an interval. Coop is furious that Tully’s mother is causing chaos.

Tully and Coop end up trading angry words. Tully gets mad at Coop for messing around with her friend. Coop tries denying romance between him and Kate, revealing the truth; he was ashamed of anyone knowing he liked her.

Coop walks out, refusing to play Romeo. The teacher tells Kate to play Romeo. And so, just like fate, the two teenage best friends play the roles of Romeo and Juliet and finish the play.

After the play, Coop tries to publicly announce that he and Kate are in a relationship, but Kate rejects him, which makes Tully feel elated that her friend defended herself.

In the past, Kate and Johnny make it to the altar. Before they trade vows, Kate delivers a speech to all those in attendance. She discusses the elephant in the room — how she was meant to marry Theo, but now she’s marrying Johnny.

She reveals she loved Johnny from the first moment she looked at him. Kate is putting her foot down.

Kate and Johnny get married in the past.

In the present, Johnny and Kate make it to the altar for their second wedding. Tully leads this ceremony, marrying their two best friends. Tully takes credit for introducing them both in a funny speech. Tully mentions that Kate has “recovered” in her speech, bringing irony to Kate and Johnny’s tears.

Kate delivers her vows, gushing about her love for Johnny and how she’s never understood why she’s in love with him. In return, Johnny sings her a cheesy romantic song. It brings plenty of laughter and joy.

Kate and Johnny get married for the second time.

In the present, Danny overhears Celeste apologizing to Tully for kissing her. Danny confronts them both, but Tully slowly walks away. Celeste tells Danny that she doesn’t want to marry him. They break up.

In the past, Danny asks Tully if they will ever get the timing right so they can be together. The pair enjoy a parting kiss. Back to the present, Tully figures out that Kate has cancer again – she can tell by how Johnny looks at Kate. Tully’s life comes shattering down as the fear of losing her best friend returns.

As Tully is unable to deal with the news, Danny finds her and can see she’s having a panic attack. Danny hugs her to calm her down. Tully returns to the wedding, and Kate dances merrily, but then, she collapses.

Episode 15 – “Moondance”

Firefly Lane Season 2 (Credit – Netflix)

Episode 15 opens in the present day. Everyone is panicking because Kate has collapsed. Kate gets up and tries to tell everyone that she’s fine and that she got “too hot.” In the hotel room, Kate tells Tully that she wanted everyone to have fun for once before she went back into chemotherapy. Tully tells Kate that she’s not leaving her side. Afterward, to finish their wedding day, Johnny and Kate have sex.

Tully tells Danny about Kate’s cancer which sounds worse than what it was before. Danny changes the subject eventually and wants to talk about getting together. He wants them both to admit their feelings for each other. Tully tells Danny that she needs a friend at present to support her.

Later on in the episode, Tully is struggling. She tries to get Kate into a cancer treatment clinical trial, but it doesn’t work. She continues asking for Danny’s support as she fears Kate will die. Eventually, Tully crosses boundaries and kisses Danny — she wants to forget the pain. Danny hesitates initially, but then he gives in and sleeps with her. The next morning, Danny tries to make her breakfast, but Tully tells him she doesn’t have the space for romance. Danny feared this and tells Tully it’s OK to let him in.

In the past, Kate feels queasy, and Tully believes she is pregnant. A quick pregnancy test reveals that Kate is pregnant.

Johnny finds out Kate is pregnant, and he is in complete shock. Afterward, he goes missing, and Tully and Kate have no idea where he is. Tully tells Kate that if Johnny has done a runner, they can raise the baby together.

It turns out Johnny has visited his father, who is a priest at a church. Johnny tells his father that he’s the reason his mother is dead. He blames her alcoholism on him.

The father tells Johnny that he loves him, but Johnny does not want to hear it. He reveals that he’s going to be a father and that he’s terrified. Johnny’s father does not want to hear it and tells Johnny to act like a grown man.

In the present, Kate is attending therapy as advised by her doctor. She’s wondering if she has been recommended therapy because it “is the end.” Kate tells the therapist she has a lot of support and is taking a few drug trials to fight the cancer. She’s worried about Marah the most, and its toll on her.

The therapist asks Kate, “But how are you feeling emotionally?” Kate is avoidant of the question at first but admits she feels guilty; she feels like she has let everyone down. The therapist asks her to imagine if she was free. Kate imagines herself on a horse.

In the past, Cloud offers young Tully and Kate marijuana. They both go for it, knowing this is a rare opportunity. They enjoy their munchies, and then Cloud wants to show them the moon by lying on the roof.

After fooling around on the roof, Kate ends up falling off. Kate believes she has broken her ankle. Even though they are high, Cloud has to get them to the hospital and tries to drive them there. However, a cop car pulls them over, and Cloud is arrested.

And Kate was right. In the present, Marah is not dealing well with her mother’s illness. She comes home high and has a meltdown in front of her parents. In light of this, Kate has a meal with Tully and Johnny and wants to discuss Marah’s future in case she dies.

Kate also gives Tully and Johnny her full blessing to get together if she dies, as she doesn’t want either to be alone. Johnny cannot handle the conversation and walks away from the dinner.

Tully lightens the mood and tells Kate that she slept with Danny.

In the present day, Kate, Tully, and Cloud do a Moon Ritual to help rid Kate of her cancer. Kate bursts into tears and admits she doesn’t want to die. She lets it all out. She screams to the moon, “fuck the cancer.”

In the past, Johnny returns home and apologizes to Kate. He didn’t mean to worry her. Kate tells Johnny she’s willing to have a child regardless. Johnny insists he isn’t abandoning her; he wants to be better than their parents.

In the present, Marah asks her father, Johnny, if her mother is going to die. Johnny tells her the truth — that they are unsure, and it is not as hopeful as it once was. Johnny decides to give Marah loving words of reassurance. Kate overhears; she knows if she goes, Johnny will stand strong for him and their daughter.

As the episode ends, Kate goes horse riding. Afterward, she tells Johnny and is happy she’s fulfilled her wish. Johnny is ready to talk about what to do in the scenario that she dies. Meanwhile, Danny tells Tully that they’ve gotten Kate into the clinical trial for Kate’s aggressive cancer.

The episode then moves ten years later – they are at Marah’s wedding again, but this time, Kate is there.

Episode 16 – “This Must Be the Place”

Firefly Lane Season 2 (Credit – Netflix)

Episode 16 opens up in 2016. Kate narrates how it has been ten years since she got sick. It’s Marah’s wedding. Kate and Tully praise each other for raising Marah well.

Kate thanks Tully for sticking with Marah. But Tully tells her it was all her — “She is the best of you.” But then there’s a knock on Tully’s hotel room door. When she turns around, Kate is not there. Kate has died. Tully was imagining her.

Episode 16 then moves to 1997. Kate brings her daughter, Marah, to her workplace. Kate is enjoying a happy family life with Johnny.

Afterward, Tully explains how the elevator she was in started malfunctioning — it dropped many floors before it stopped, and she nearly died. Tully is sick of New York and can’t work there anymore. She misses Johnny and Kate. She’s doing her new talk show from Seattle and asks Johnny to be her producer. Kate is offended that she didn’t ask her but admits she is too busy.

Tully, Johnny, and Kate enjoy life as a family.

In 1997, Johnny helps Tully produce her new show. Tully does not like the new format, and the executives think she’s acting too polished. Johnny tells Tully to relax. So they record again, and Tully ironically acts too relaxed this time. Afterward, Kate gives Tully advice — to be herself.

In 2006, Johnny delivers Tully bad news — cancer has spread to Kate’s brain, disqualifying her from the trial. She has a matter of weeks to 2 months to live. Johnny tells Tully to face reality — Kate is going to die. Tully is angry that Johnny has given up on her.

Tully visits Kate’s bedside. Kate apologizes to Tully for letting her down. She wants to go home so she can be with her loved ones. Tully accepts her request — it’s time to go home.

And so Kate returns home, and Tully supports her. Marah has a date. Kate looks on, knowing Marah will be okay with Tully around.

Kate is writing a book before she dies, and she’s getting impatient. She wants to leave something behind. She tells Johnny that all Marah will remember is her sick mother.

When Marah returns home from a date, she tells her mother about how amazing it was. Tully loves listening to her daughter.

Kate learns more good news before she dies — her brother is going to ask his partner to marry him. Her impending death gave him perspective. Kate wishes she could be at his wedding.

In the past, teenager Tully tells Kate that her mother has received a letter from her probation letter. She feels abandoned. Kate tells Tully that she is her family, and they will go to college together, get married to two brothers, and give birth at the same time. She says they will be “together ever” and “grow old together.”

In 2006, Kate asks Tully if she’s mad at her — she promised she would never leave, and she is. Tully struggles with the conversation because she doesn’t want to yell at Kate. But then Tully breaks down in tears — she expresses they had a deal to “grow old together,” and she can’t live without her. Kate tells Tully to live her life and wants her to call Danny back. She tells her it’s okay to be happy.

Afterward, the best friends decide to get high on weed at night. And like old times, their mothers catch them outside, stoned. Kate’s mother expresses her pride in her daughter.

In 2006, Kate finishes her book — it’s about her life. She tells Johnny that she’s completed it. Johnny reminisces about when he first met her in the office and how intimidating he found her. She was the first good person he ever met.

All Kate wants Marah to know is that she’s proud of her. She also wants Johnny to know how proud she is of their relationship and the life they created together. Johnny cannot hold back the tears.

Kate hands Johnny the book and asks him to give it to her when she’s ready.

Tully returns to her apartment, and Danny is there. Tully asks Danny to stop by Kate’s house and see her. Danny reveals he is returning to New York to launch a start-up business. Tully is shocked that Danny is moving, but Danny explains that he is not mad at her.

Tully shows her anger, but to Danny’s credit, she hasn’t returned his phone calls for weeks. She doesn’t want Danny to leave. She lays down her stubbornness, asks Danny to stay, and admits she wants a relationship. Danny accepts her request by kissing her. Finally, Tully has asked for what she wants for once with the man she wants.

Season 2 Ending Explained

As we reach nearer the end of episode 16, Kate is struggling with cancer in the brain. She believes Marah needs to have her witch suit for a school trip. Johnny goes along with it, holding back the tears.

In 1997, Johnny and Kate bought their first house together. It’s a mess, but they will improve it. The house has a sea view in the back.

In 2006, Kate and Tully catch up in the same house. Tully heads inside to get them a drink. Kate looks out at the sea view and takes it in. She smiles and closes her eyes, remembering the happy time she rode on a horse. She’s at peace, finally. And then, her head tilts as she dies peacefully.

Tully returns to see her best friend dead. It’s fitting that she died spending time with her best friend, Tully, but this scene is extremely painful.

The finale then moves to Kate’s funeral. It’s painful to watch — this is Tully and Johnny’s worse day.

Tully isn’t sure she can go in. Johnny was prepared for this, and he reveals that Kate left her something, knowing she couldn’t go to the funeral. Inside the box, there’s a letter and the book she wrote. The letter reminds her of all their special times.

In the letter, Kate tells Tully that she did not leave her, but she left her a book, where she can find her every day.

There’s also a joint in the box with a sticky note that says, “Smoke me.” And then, there’s an iPod with all their favorite music that they used to sing and dance together. Tully dances to their songs outside the funeral as the episode ends.

Say what you will about Firefly Lane, but Netflix made the right decision to finish this story even if it does break you at the end.

What did you think of Firefly Lane Season 2 Episodes 10-16? Comment below.

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