Shogun Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – Who resigns from the Council of Regents?

By Ricky Valero
Published: March 5, 2024 (Last updated: 5 weeks ago)
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Shogun Season 1 Episode 3 Recap
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Each episode of Shogun only raises the bar. The script is so fine-tuned that every interaction matters.

After the failed assassination attempt in Episode 2, Toranaga realizes he must get out of Osaka in Episode 3 of ShogunToranaga has realized that if he sticks around Osaka long enough, he and his loved ones will die. Because of this, he makes a plan to escape Osaka, but with Ishido hot on his trail, it isn’t going to be easy. Each episode of Season 1 continues to raise the bar of what is already one of the finest TV shows of the last twenty years at least. 

What did Ishido offer Yabushige for killing Blackthorne?

Toranaga brings Yabushige to discuss why he would’ve sent someone into his castle to kill Blackthorne. He explains that he had heard Ishido had visited him and wants to know what he offered him in return for killing Blackthorne. Yabushige says Ishido offered him Toranaga’s seat on the Council of Regents.

Yabushige said his seat on the Council didn’t interest him. He asked for the Suruga Province to expand his fief but needed his head to rule. He tells him that an assassin was sent to kill the Anjin, and for their safety, he needs the Anjin and Lady Kiri brought to his fishing village in Ajiro. If he does that, the Suruga Province is his to rule.

The group is starting to pack things up to leave Osaka, but they take too long, and Lord Ishido arrives. He says he was informed the barbarian (Blackthorne) is set to leave along with Lady Kiri. Although he makes a slight uproar, he allows them to leave.

Who is attacking Toranaga’s crew?

Moments into their journey, the entire crew finds themselves under attack. Amid the battle, one of the men on attack runs to his leader to inform him that Ishido’s men are in the war. It’s revealed to be Lord Kiyama who is attacking them and tells his soldier that Ishido’s men will die with the heretic.

Who dies in “Tomorrow is Tomorrow”?

Buntaro holds everyone back so the rest of the crew can get away. On the boats, Blackthorne suggests they go back for him, but the Hiromatsu say no. Buntaro’s wife, Lady Mariko, and the rest of the crew look on as Buntaro fights off hundreds of men as they get away.

With Lord Kiyama’s men awaiting the ship, Blackthorne knows they will all end up dead if they attempt to pass. He suggests they head to the black ship, which isn’t as easy to sink. Toranaga boards the ship to inform the Captain that he will allow them to leave Osaka if they escort them out of Dodge.

However, the Captain says the price has increased since he rejected them earlier. He offers half of the gold they get from Macao and also offers the Priest the city of Edo to build a church. In return, he wants the Priest to get Lords Kiyama and Ohno to join his side. The Father-Visitor pledges his assistance to Toranaga. Before he leaves, the Captain tells him that Blackthorne isn’t allowed on the black ship.

Who resigns from the Council of Regents?

The Council of Regents gathers to discuss how they aren’t happy that Ishido allowed Toranaga to escape with Blackthorne. The meeting is interrupted by Lord Hiromatsu, who announces that Lord Toranaga has resigned from the Council due to personal reasons.

How does Shogun Season 1 Episode 3 end?

Ishido says the paper means nothing because they will impeach Toranaga 4-0. But Hiromatsu reminds them that Taiko required five Regents for any vote, and with the crew down to four, they won’t be able to secure the votes.

The Priests turn over John Blackthorne’s books to Toranaga, and he confronts him about them. He said the stuff in the books is punishable by death. However, transcribing them will take some time, and in the meantime, Toranaga asks Blackthorne to teach his man everything he knows about the passage. Also, he says they will no longer call him barbarian but Hatamoto.

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