K-Drama Thriller ‘The 8 Show’ Arrives on Netflix in May

By Louie Fecou
Published: April 4, 2024
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‘The 8 Show’ K-Drama Thriller: Netflix's Latest Sensation Arrives in May
The 8 Show | Image via Netflix

Netflix are once again looking to South Korea for new and original drama, and The 8 Show will arrive on the platform in May. Based on the webtoon Money Game, the thriller finds eight contestants in financial hardship entering a reality competition to endure 100 days in a studio where every purchase carries a giant markup, with the cost being deducted from the total prize fund.

The 8 Show Release Date on Netflix

At the time of writing, there has been no official release date confirmed for The 8 Show. However, we are confident that the series will drop in May, but we just don’t know when. Speculation about the exact date hints that it may arrive on May 17th, but that is an educated guess just now.

The 8 Show Is Based On A Webtoon

The series is based on a webtoon called Money Game created by Bae Jin Soo. The story evokes comparisons with Squid Game, as it also features people taking part in a deadly game show, however, the premise is different. Eight people have to stay for 100 days in the concrete studio where the game takes place and they are allowed to collaborate and split the prize money of 44.8 billion between them. But the cost of living is highly elevated, with basics such as food and heating costing a thousand times more than normal. This cost of living is deducted from the prize pot, and tensions rise between the eight players.

Where Might You Know The Cast From?

With eight players, there are of course eight leads, and you might recognize some of them.

Ryu Joon Yeol plays the part of Jin Soo and although this is his first Netflix role, you may know him from his work on stuff like AlienoidMoneyBelieverTaxi Driver, and Little Forest.

Chun Woo Hee plays the part of Se Ra and had previously starred in another Netflix production, Be Melodramatic, released in 2019, however, parts in films such as RustleA Little PrincessThe Beauty Inside, and Love Lies have made her very popular with fans.

Lee Joo Young plays Chun Ja, and you will know her from her role in Believer 2 as Joo Young. Lee Yeol Eum has also been cast, after starring alongside Song Kang in the 2021 romantic drama Nevertheless. Bae Sung Woo plays Sang Gook and appeared in another Netflix Original, in 2018 as Oh Yang Chon in the well-loved police drama Live. Film-wise, you will know him from The King:Metamorphosis and Office.

‘The 8 Show’ K-Drama Thriller: Netflix's Latest Sensation Arrives in May

The 8 Show | Image via Netflix

Moon Jung Hee has been cast in her first role in a Netflix series having previously landed a guest role in Mystic Pop-Up Bar and Vagabond. You will also recognise Park Hae Joon as he starred in the hugely popular K-drama, The World of the Married. He also had a role in all three parts of Arthdal Chronicles.

The part of Philip is played by Park Jung Min who starred in Hellbound as Bae Young Jae. The actor would also star in films such as Deliver Us From Evil, Start-Up, and Keys to the Heart.

Production Timeline

The 8 Show hasn’t had an especially long or arduous journey to make it to our screens:

  • The webtoon the show was based on would be released in 2018 and concluded in September 2022.
  • It was reported that the filming of the series had also taken place as far back as 2022.
  • Once commissioned, production took place between June 25th, 2022 and December 23rd, 2022.
  • On December 12th, 2023, it was revealed that the show would premiere on Netflix sometime in 2024.
  • The 8 Show will premiere on Netflix in May, 2024.

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