After ‘The Tearsmith’, Netflix Could Adapt A Very Similar Erin Doom Book

By Louie Fecou
Published: April 6, 2024
The Tearsmith 2 Is Unlikely, But Netflix Could Adapt Another Erin Doom Novel
The Tearsmith | Image via Netflix

Netflix’s Gothic romance The Tearsmith is based on the sultry fantasy novel Fabbricante di Lacrime, by the enigmatically named Erin Doom. With The Tearsmith 2 looking unlikely, the streaming giant could turn to some of the author’s author works for further adaptations in lieu of a sequel.

The Tearsmith 2 Sequel Chances

There has been no announcement about a sequel to The Tearsmith at the time of writing. The teen romance dropped on April 4th, 2024, and has become immediately popular. However, it’s much too early to determine its overall success, which will be decided over the coming weeks.

However, given that the movie has a definitive ending and there is no book sequel, one imagines that the film’s success would determine Netflix’s interest in more films of the same style, perhaps from the same author, rather than a direct sequel.

It’s also worth noting that the critical reception has been decidedly mixed. In our review, we said;

Overall, The Tearsmith is a teen romance suitable for younger audiences who aren’t old enough to know any better.

Other outlets haven’t been especially positive either.

Is there a second book in The Tearsmith series?

There is also no sequel to The Tearsmith book, so there is no source material for the filmmakers to draw from. This also points to a one-and-done project. There is always a chance that the author could be working on or have ideas for a follow-up, but so far no news has emerged. However, there is more material from Erin Doom that might be looked at.

Netflix could adapt more books by Erin Doom

As above, if The Tearsmith is a big hit for Netflix, it could very well ignite interest in further adaptations of work by author Erin Doom.

Erin Doom is a pen name to protect the author’s privacy, as she has stated that she is quite a shy person in real life. She has written, and co-written some other novels, including The Way the Snow Falls, Stigma, and A Sweet Christmas. If returns on The Tearsmith are positive, it could result in the streaming giant taking another bite of the apple.

The Way the Snow Falls has an extremely similar plot to The Tearsmith, involving an orphan girl who moves to California from the frozen wilds of Canada and has to coexist with the son of her godfather, who initially doesn’t want her there. It’s easy to imagine this being the first choice for another Doom adaptation given the similarities and the potential of both the Californian and Canadian settings.

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