The Ending Of Dead Boy Detectives Leaves Room For More

By Lori Meek
Published: April 25, 2024
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Dead Boy Detectives Season 1 Ending Explained
Dead Boy Detectives | Image via Netflix




As Crystal deals with her memories, Edwin and Charles face their biggest challenge yet. The season finale ends with a tragedy but there’s also room for some good news for the Dead Boy Detectives.

In the Dead Boy Detectives Episode 8, the Season 1 finale, Crystal finds out who she really is and it’s safe to say she’s not too impressed about her past. But there’s no time to dwell on it as Esther the Witch makes her move and it’s up to Crystal and brave Niko to rescue Edwin and Charles. During the ending, the group suffers an unfathomable loss but they also get some interesting news from the afterlife.

This is a strong season finale for a show that’s so far been excellent. 

We start with Crystal’s first few memories and it’s clear from the get-go she wasn’t such a pleasant person before meeting Edwin and Charles. On the contrary, Crystal was a spoiled rich girl using her psychic powers to upset her friends and commit petty shoplifting. 

After getting her first set of memories back, Crystal calls her parents. To her dismay, they didn’t have time to talk to her and didn’t even notice she was gone 

What is Esther’s Plan?

Esther starts putting her plan in motion. She built a ghost torture machine that turns their anguish into pure power. Considering how much Edwin suffered during his 70 long years in Hell, Esther wants to use all that power to take over the town. Our favorite witch is tired of sneaking around kidnapping children to feed her giant snake. Seems reasonable. 

She first tries the machine on a random unfortunate soul and the tiny amount of power she got from him was a mere sample of what she can squeeze out of Edwin. On the bright side, Monty is still alive. He’s just back to being a crow. 

Why Can Jenny See Edwin and Charles?

After remembering more of the awful things she’s done, like pushing a bloke in front of traffic for ghosting her, Crystal decides to start packing and head back to London. She’s understandably upset and is pushing Edwin and Charles away. 

One person who is sad about the trio’s pending departure is Niko. But Edwin does his best to reassure her.

There’s not much time for sorrowful goodbyes as Jenny wakes up in Niko’s bed with her hair braided and demands to know what happened to her. Safe to say, she doesn’t take the news of having been possessed by a demon too well. To help convince her of the truth, Niko introduces Jenny to her foul-mouthed sprites. Just when poor Jenny thinks she’s seen enough of the supernatural, she finally meets her two ghostly tenants. Yes, because of Jenny’s near-death demon possession experience, she’s now able to see Edwin and Charles. 

It’s safe to say, Jenny is struggling with all the recent reveals. But when Crystal offers to wipe her memory, she refuses. It’s her life and she’d rather deal with what is rather than live in ignorance. 

The Cat King

Crystal still hasn’t changed her mind about going back to London. She bids all her friends farewell and kisses a tearful Charles before leaving to catch her ferry. A few seconds after Crystal walks out of the butcher shop, Esther blows it up and walks out with two orbs containing the two trapped dead boys. 

Thankfully, Jenny and Niko survived the blast and Crystal puts her return to London on hold to save her two ghost friends. Crystal and Niko seek out the Cat King for help vanquishing Esther.

The Cat King claims he’s known Esther for decades but he’s too scared to face her after she recently bludgeoned him to death. He does relay Esther’s full story to the girls. According to him, Esther was one of Port Townsend’s founding pioneers who first turned to magic to punish her cheating husband. She then asked the goddess Lilith for immortality. While Lilith did grant Esther eternal life, she didn’t stop the aging process. Feeding little girls to her giant snake is what keeps the witch looking young. 

While present-day Esther is bleeding the power out of Edwin’s soul, Crystal and Niko stop by Tragic Mick for some black salt. Mick also throws in a free lucky charms to try helping the girls. 

After arriving at the witch’s house, Crystal gives a chained Charles his backpack back and instructs him to kill the snake in the cupboard. With a little help from Monty, who’s in the middle of his crow-demption arc, Charles unchains himself and goes after the overfed snake. 

What happens to Niko?

Dead Boy Detectives Season 1 Ending Explained

Dead Boy Detectives | Image via Netflix

Meanwhile, Crystal works on distracting the witch while Niko tries to free Edwin. Esther proves herself far too powerful and even the black salt fails to affect her. So Crystal tries connecting on an emotional level with the old witch. It almost works before Niko accidentally reveals her presence. 

Esther sends a magical knife at Crystal, but Niko jumps in front of it and gets stabbed instead. Both Edwin and Crystal are left devastated by their friend’s death. RIP Niko, in Jenny’s words, you were a “unique kind of good.”

Grief-stricken, Crystal tries attacking Esther but she’s no match for the witch. Instead, she goes back digging inside her head. When they return to the scene of Esther asking Lilith for eternal life, Crystal also has words for the goddess. Specifically, she tells Lilith that Esther’s been using her immortality to kill little girls, something the supposed Goddess for scorned women shouldn’t be endorsing. 

How Is Esther Defeated?

When they return to the living room, Esther is furious and tries strangling Crystal. Once Charles kills the snake, the witch loses her youth, beauty, and strength. And just when it seems like Esther’s day couldn’t possibly get any worse, Lilith shows up and drags her away. 

With Esther now gone for good, the gang can finally grieve Niko’s horrible and untimely death. The day’s events seem to have changed Crystal’s mind as she’s now decided to continue her work with the Dead Boy Detective Agency, to Edwin and Charles’s immense joy. 

Crystal and Charles also invite Jenny to join them in London. She’s non-commital, but will probably think about it.

How Does Dead Boy Detectives Season 1 End?

Before leaving Port Townsend, Edwin has one last chat with the Cat King. He agrees they both have one thing in common; loneliness. Edwin kisses the King on the cheek before informing him there are 147 cats in the city. 

Back in London, Edwin and Charles receive a mysterious package containing the Night Nurse, who’s arrived with her superior to take the boys into the afterlife. Surprisingly, the superior seems impressed by the good work the Dead Boy Detective Agency has done so far. They help lost souls move on by solving their mysteries. So she decides to let them continue doing just that, while the Night Nurse gets the job of her nightmares; she must stay on Earth as Edwin and Charles’s minder. Needless to say, she’s less than pleased. 

As for Edwin and Charles, they are beyond relieved about this new development. Now they won’t need to constantly exist in fear of Edwin going back to Hell. 

Season 1 ends with Kingham and Litty, the sprites, inside an igloo underneath the Nothern Lights with a mysterious figure holding Niko’s lucky charm in their mittens. 


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