Steven Knight’s ‘The Veil’ Was Always Intended To Be A Global Show

By Louie Fecou
Published: May 8, 2024
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Steven Knight's 'The Veil' Filming Locations Explained
The Veil | Image via FX

The Veil is a globetrotting espionage thriller filmed in a variety of locations all over the world. Starring Elisabeth Moss clearly struggling with an English accent, we follow along with a tense cat-and-mouse game between two women — a spy and a potential terrorist — that reaches from a refugee camp on the Syrian/Turkish border to European capitals like Paris and London.

Filming Locations Explained


The six-episode series takes the viewer on a worldwide journey, with a lot of action taking place in Istanbul, and an interview with TV Insider reveals that the show was always intended to be a global show.

Executive producer Denise Di Novi would explain that the locations they used, such as Paris and Istanbul, would not be the Instagram versions, but instead focus on the real and more authentic locations, giving international viewers a more authentic experience.

Moss would also famously suffer an injury filming a fight scene on a roof above the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, six floors up, and would document the story on the US talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live and in this interview with Variety.


Further scenes would take place in France, and Moss goes on to explain that after going to the hospital they would move to Paris where she would see a French doctor who treated her in her hotel room before allowing her to continue to film.

Instagram posts from Moss’ co-star Yumna Marwan also confirms some location work being done at Charles De Gaulle Airport.


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England, UK

UK viewers will be able to spot some London landmarks in establishing shots for the show, and The Knowledge would also confirm that location work was done in Kent, with the cast and crew spotted filming near Canterbury Cathedral, and in the district’s Buttermarket region.

Production Timeline

The Veil is part of Steven Knights’s successful partnership with FX and was announced in August 2022, along with the casting of Moss.

  • By February 2023, more casting details were revealed.
  • Filming would start in March 2023, wrapping in May of the same year.
  • The show premiered on FX and Hulu on April 30th, 2024.

Creator and Production Behind The Series

Showrunner Steven Knight is behind the show, writing the six episodes and acting as executive producer. If the name is familiar you might be remembering it from the credits of the hugely popular Peaky Blinders.

Knight’s other writing credits include This Town, A Thousand Blows, All the Lights We Cannot See, and Locked Down.

As far as TV goes, it should be noted that Knight was one of the team behind the creation of the massive global game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Production companies involved in The Veil were Nebula Star, Di Novi Pictures, Love and Squalor, and FXP. The named producers are Adrian Kelly and Xavier Roy.

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