Garouden Season 1’s Ending Shows That Juzo Fujimaki’s Fighting Story Is Not Finished Yet

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 23, 2024
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Juzo Fujimaki in Garouden: The Way of the Lone Wolf as part of ending explained analysis of season 1, episode 8
Juzo Fujimaki in Garouden: The Way of the Lone Wolf (Credit - Netflix)


Episode 8 of Garouden: The Way of the Lone Wolf Season 1 pitches a salivating finale. It’s an unexpected super-fight between Juzo Fujimaki and Tsutomu Himekawa: the Takemiya style versus the Hokushinkan school. And you cannot help but feel that the win for Saeko’s affection is on the line. The ending also promises some context to Season 2, but the creators opted for a vague interlude.

I liked the ending of Garouden Season 1. Although it was a poor opening series in parts for the anime, it at least inspired a continuation.

Juzo Fujimaki versus Tsutomu Himekawa

Of course, the spectators are confused by Juzo’s appearance — it was meant to be a different final in the tournament after all, but the fugitive fighter has used force to get himself onto the big stage. With pride on the line and zero defeats, Himekawa accepts the challenge for a special one-off fight. Earning his respect, Master Izuomo gives Juzo his training fear for the fight.

It is the most tactical fight of the series. It’s a clash of styles, and as the viewer, you cannot help but admire the effort put into the anime to articulate MMA. I was hooked, and because I was unaware of the manga, I had zero insight into who the winner might be.

Juzo and Tsutomu suffer injuries, mainly because they keep outwitting their specialist moves on each other. And when it looks like Juzo is finally down and out, he finds second wind thinking of Saeko. Fighter’s instinct takes over (and I’ll delve into this shortly).

However, there is an eventual winner: Tsutomu Himekawa defeats Juzo Fujimaki after outsmarting him on his own special move. Interestingly, Tsutomu acknowledges that he has met his match and knows that, in the future, he may not be the winner for a second time.

I assume the winner had to be Tsutomu because there was so much emphasis on Takemiya versus Hokushinkan styles. In the end, Juzo was running on fumes and fighter instinct, while Tsutomu stayed true to his discipline.

Juzo Fujimaki wakes up from being unconscious from the fight with the police surrounding him. He’s finally arrested for murder. However, Matsuo tells him to take his time and come back, bringing the need for a second season. Interestingly, the crowd respects him, giving him the Rocky Balboa experience. And Saeko looks devastated — it seems like she wanted Juzo to win all this time, but she’ll need to settle for Tsutomu.

Okay, anime fans, chip in — what did you think of Garouden: The Way of the Lone Wolf Season 1, Episode 8? What are your thoughts on a second season? Join in on the discussion below. 


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