Explore Post-Apocalyptic Settings And Doomsday Scenarios With 7 Shows Like ‘Sweet Tooth’

By Louie Fecou
Published: June 14, 2024 (Last updated: last month)
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7 Doomsay Shows Like Sweet Tooth You Should Check Out
Sweet Tooth | Image via Netflix

Netflix’s comic book-based fantasy series Sweet Tooth sees a half-human half-deer boy trying to find his way through a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by other hybrids. The story sees our protagonist on a road trip adventure through what is left of America, encountering various dangers and meeting new friends — and enemies — along the way. The post-apocalyptic genre is endlessly popular, so we’ve dug up seven similar doomsday shows like Sweet Tooth that you might also enjoy.

The Umbrella Academy (2019)

The Umbrella Academy was also sprung from the pages of a comic book, at a time when nearly every series was being considered a potential Hollywood blockbuster. This one also focuses on the characters and heads towards a doomsday scenario and has a strong mix of subverted superhero shenanigans and some dark humor.

The Last Kids on Earth (2019)

This underrated animated fantasy is set in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by monsters and zombies and follows Jack Sullivan and his friends fighting for survival and discovering themselves along the way. Based on a series of books, and aimed at a younger audience, this is a show for all the family.

Into The Badlands (2015)

7 Shows Like Sweet Tooth

Into the Badlands | AMC

Daniel Wu stars as Sunny in this thrilling adventure set in the far future after a war has destroyed the world. The Badlands refers to what remains of North America, controlled by the Barons, seven women and men that run their regions and control an army of warriors called Clippers.

With some incredible action sequences and a lead who did most of his own stunt work and choreography, this is a show that may have gone under your radar but is definitely worth a look now.

The Rain (2018)

A virus spread through the rain leaves the world devastated, and in Scandinavia, two teens leave the safety of their shelter and begin a journey to try and find out what remains of their world. The show follows their journey as they find other survivors, and discover truths about themselves.

The Rain was the first Netflix show from Denmark, and although it did find an audience, it received some mixed reviews. However, if you are of a certain age, then you will probably enjoy this angst-ridden post-apocalyptic drama.

The Last Man On Earth (2015)

7 Shows Like Sweet Tooth

The Last Man on Earth

Just because the world has ended doesn’t mean it can’t still be funny.

Another virus and another apocalypse, this time leaving the world with hardly anyone left, and Phil Miller, the titular last man, wandering aimlessly looking for some company and hoping it will be female. The show found a fanbase that was devastated by its early cancellation after four seasons. Even worse, it left things on a cliffhanger.

Daybreak (2019)

Here’s another comedy set in a world left devastated and inhabited by zombies, violent gangs, and Ghoulies. 17-year-old Josh is searching for his girlfriend Sam, and navigating his way through the dangers and perils that this new world throws at him and his misfit gang.

Daybreak was a mix of John Hughes movies and Mad Max, but it couldn’t find a large enough audience to sustain it. However, it’s a quirky, fun, and frothy adventure that you might want to take a look at.

Jeremiah (2002)

A plague wipes out the world’s population were over the age of thirteen, and this series picks up the story a decade later, with Jeremiah on a quest to find the fabled Valhalla. Luke Perry starred in this series that ran for two seasons but was ultimately canceled amid speculation of creator J. Michael Straczynski falling out with the producers and Showtime deciding that they did not want to make more sci-fi shows.

Did we miss your favorite post-apocalyptic TV series? Let us know in the comments below if you have any other recommendations for shows like Sweet Tooth.

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