‘Trigger Warning’: All the Production Details Behind One of the Year’s Worst Movies

By Louie Fecou
Published: June 21, 2024
Netflix's Trigger Warning Filming Locations Explained
Trigger Warning | Image via Netflix

Trigger Warning stars Jessica Alba as a special ops commando taking over her father’s bar and falling foul of local thugs. The Netflix thriller was filmed in New Mexico to give the authentic feel of an isolated small town being overrun, but still ended up being one of the worst action movies of the year,

Still, I’ve rounded up some more details about the production, in case you’re interested.

Netflix’s Trigger Warning Was Filmed In New Mexico

To capture the authentic feel of an isolated and claustrophobic town, the production team would look at various locations throughout New Mexico. Santa Fe was one of the primary locations used to create the perfect environment for this action thriller.

Instagram posts from the film’s director Mouly Surya would show many shots of the area, at various stages of production, and the talented filmmaker would utilize the area to create the atmosphere required for the movie.


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An article in Deadline covering the story of actor James Saul, who was injured while filming the movie, revealed another location for the film’s production.

Saul had been filming in the census-designated area of New Mexico, and the injury would leave the actor with a broken leg after being struck by a loose cable on the set.

The film also made use of the city of Albuquerque and this is acknowledged in the credits.

Production Timeline

Trigger Warning would be announced as far back as 2016, giving you an idea of how long it can take for a movie to finally go into production.

The production company Thunder Road would acquire the rights to the film, which was pitched as a cross between John Wick and First Blood, with a strong female lead.

By 2020, the film was picked up by Netflix, and Indonesian director Mouly Surya was on board to direct. Script revisions were made as the film moved forward, and it was reported in September 2021 that further casting had been done, and filming would commence.

The pandemic would put the film on hold, and although the exact timeline is vague, the film would be completed and a trailer would drop in May of 2024, with the film becoming available on Netflix on June 21st, 2024.

Who directed Trigger Warning?

Trigger Warning was directed by Indonesian filmmaker Mouly Surya. This would be her first English language film, and her first film since 2017 when she directed Marina the Murderer in Four Acts.

Her first film Fiksi, which she also scripted and financed, was critically acclaimed but failed to gain commercial success.

At the 28th Citra Awards, Surya would become the first woman to win Best Director and the film would win four out of its impressive ten nominations.

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