New Jersey Cosplays As Florida In Prime Video’s ‘Space Cadet’

By Louie Fecou
Published: July 7, 2024
Space Cadet | Image via Prime Video

Space Cadet isn’t a clever movie, but it was at least clever with its production. Set in Florida, the Legally Blonde-inspired comedy was filmed across New Jersey, trying to replicate key locations like Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral through the usual trickery.

Given the NASA adjacency, some effort was made to train the cast on the finer details of space exploration. I’ve dug into the production and unearthed all the juicier information for you.

Filming Locations

Where was 'Space Cadet' on Prime Video filmed?

U.S. Space & Rocket Centre (USSRC), used for filming Space Cadet | Image via

Space Cadet is set in Florida, but the filmmakers had to be clever with the locations and budget to authentically replicate the required areas.

A report in reveals that a lot of the film was shot around New Jersey. Locations included Atlantic Highlands, a borough of NJ, and the Shore Casino Banquet Hall. Local councilman Jon Crowley would reveal that Emma Roberts took time to meet some of the locals while filming, too.

Union Beach was also used to create the illusion of Cocoa Beach, and Jakeabob’s Bay Bar at 525 Front Street was utilized for some interior shots.

Looking to recreate Cape Canaveral, Essex County Airport was used, and the crew would set up in Bell Works in Holmdel which also played a part in the shoot, doubling for the Johnson Space Centre in Houston.

Some other locations used included the fitness gym Signature Fitness in Belleville, the Rock Cafe in Keyport, and the historical Ryer House found in Matawan.

A main location that was also key in the film production was the U.S. Space & Rocket Centre (USSRC) located in Huntsville, Alabama, another perfect location that lent itself perfectly to the production, and is no stranger to filming, as the world-famous history museum has been used in many other films.

A feature from the facility’s website reveals that the Centre can be seen in various shots, stating: 

“You can even see the sign for G-Force in the background as she (Rex) walks past the rocket which is located right in the middle of the campus between the Davidson Centre and Main Museum.”

Extensive training scenes with the characters were also filmed here, using the authentic apparatus and equipment made available to the production team, allowing the actors to use the training environment.

The Director Behind the Movie

Space Cadet was directed by Liz W Garcia, her first time as a director, and you will recognize some other projects Liz has been involved with as a writer and producer, rather than sitting in the director’s chair.

Her previous work includes producing films such as The Lifeguard (2013) and One Percent More Humid (2017). Her TV work includes P-Valley (2020), The Sinner (2017), and Memphis Beat (2010).

Liz, born in 1977, is the daughter of a scientist but still had a lot of research to do when bringing the film to life, wanting to try to keep the training scenes and science authentic.

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